Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October II

Picture post! Lots of eye candy! 
Before it gets too late and I end up having wasted my time taking all these photos. :)

Hartford Convention Center

Oooo, Stitches East 2014 show was fun. Last year I didn't see much that excited me but this year I wanted EVERYTHING.  A whole convention center of everything you want. It's so sweet and so cruel.

Did indeed start some knitting up before we left for the show. Can't go to a fiber festival without some fiber involved.

(Yarn is Trekking XXL, pattern is Fruit Stripe Gum.)

I don't think I did too badly with my purchases considering I wanted everything. Right?

A couple skeins of rainbow striping yarn from White Birch Fiber Arts.
Navy/blue australian merino from Windy Valley Muskox Co.
Regia. (Great for socks. Wears like IRON.)
And a sparkly turquoise yarn from The Periwinkle Sheep.

Also a lobster hat kit. BECAUSE why not? (This was the hubby's pick.)

Those rainbow striping yarns are like a Lisa Frank/unicorn/glitter bomb happy making thing. Rainbow. Stripes. 
I regretted only getting two colorways........so I *may* purchased have another two the week after the show from her Etsy shop. Maybe. Nobody saw. (Feel free to judge.)

The hubby did his own purchasing: a big ole hank and a cone of alpaca for weaving. 
Soooooo soft. *pets*

There were A LOT of weaving samples up at the show. I dutifully took pictures of all the rigid heddle ones I want him to make for me. *ahem*

Snaps from the top of the cliffs down the road from my house. Is there any better season than fall? I THINK NOT.

That is all for now. Super super super busy with bead orders this month. Tis the season and all. :)


Anonymous said...

So much BEAUTY in one blog posting. I'm not sure I can handle it. LOL

Those pictures of the fall colors are AWESOME!

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Love that lobster hat (who couldn't use one of those LOL)

Annie said...

What a fun show! You picked up some beautiful yarns to see you through the winter. That hat pattern is too funny!

Does your husband weave afghans/blankets now? Those examples are gorgeous.

What fabulous photos of fall. Just in time for Halloween.

Roberta said...

Love all the yummy yarn and the yarn for the socks you started.

I do agree, fall is a beautiful time!

Vickie said...

Fantastic! And those fall pictures! So gorgeous. I am glad you are super busy my friend.

Julie said...

Gorgeous autumnal view you've captured, those colours would make a super woven shawl...

Great purchases, lots of lovely things to watch develop on here in the future.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

The yarn(s) are beautiful! Beautiful fall colors

Cole said...

Excuse me while I go wipe my chin - you've caused me to drool all over my keyboard with all of these pretty pictures!!

Margaret said...

Oh oh oh! I was hoping you would post pics of your purchases from Stitches East. I was thinking of going to Rhinebeck this year, like I always do, but I had a visit with DD instead. Better for the pocketbook. lol! So the lobster hat -- is it stranded colorwork or intarsia??? So cute! Have to check out White Birch Farm now.....

Carol said...

There is no place better to see the beauty of autumn than New England--you lucky girl, you get to witness it each and every year!

So glad the show was a success for you this year and I want to compliment you on your restrained spending :) Really looking forward to seeing the lobster hat all finished up! And I hope you can sweet-talk your husband into weaving at least one of those beauties for you, Melanie...

Happy Halloween to you! Good luck filling all the bead orders, too :)

Jackie said...

You live in an absolutely beautiful part of the country!

Was Stitches East in Nashville this year? Couldn't remember if this was the last year for Atlanta or if it was last year. I went to one of the early ones and really enjoyed myself.

Sent you a friend request thru Rav.

Beth said...

I am suffering from Color Overload - I'm SATURATED! Between all the lovely yarns and then - OMG - the view from the cliffs near your home. We do not have anything, anything, I mean anything that comes even close to the kind of fall color you enjoy. Bleeding Green with Envy!

Maggee said...

Oh my gosh! What beautiful trees down the road from you!! Wowee Zowee! I am surprised your hubby did not go with you, if not just for the shopping. He has weaved some great things this past year! And you are going to make some great socks (among other things...)! Hugs!

Marsha said...

Wow! That autumn scenery is just amazing. Almost unbelieveable! Wow! Sometimes I wish I knit but, I live vicariously through those that do. Pretty yarn.