Sunday, November 30, 2014


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Almost missed my picture post for November!! *scramble*scramble*scramble* 
Getting in just under the wire. :)

(This post was a real labor of love, too, because I hit something on my keyboard in the middle of it that split all the paragraphs and symbols into gobbledy-gook and, well, it took some doing to figure out how I had screwed THAT up. Turns out ctrl-alt-something will change the formatting of your keyboard to.......something that does not benefit an English only speaker. Ha!)

 Hope everyone in the US had a nice Thanksgiving.  I cooked a lot......and ate a lot. So two thumbs up for the holiday from me! (Also: watched some movies I've been meaning to get to, like Catching Fire, that I never make time for.) 

 (Much better Youtube link)

The husband was  a little more pro-active than me, as he participated in a bike run through the woods in the morning, put on by the local bike shop. (Which is also a fledgling beer company. Beer and bikes! That's aweso.......wait, what? I'm not sure they thought that one out. lol)

I will admit I was still sleeping when he got back from the run. 6am on a holiday? NOT ON YOUR LIFE. lol) 

 No crazy Black Friday shopping for either of us. Not my scene, I have to say.
Went to a not-at-all-local show up in Mass. instead and got some handmade gifts for others and a couple for myself, like Mr. Sheep here. Not sure where I am going to put him yet but I couldn't pass him up!

 It's been an insanely busy month because beads, beads, beads, and more beads. Every day a new pile of beads made, packed up and shipped out. Thankfully, December is a little easier because that month has more to do with personal sales (gifts, etc.) than designers loading up for their holiday shows. Just keeping my head down and plugging away at it, trying not to think TOO much about where/when I'm going to knit up some gifts for Christmas. Heh.

All the pretty 'leafs' are gone for the year now. :*(
I enjoyed snapping pics of the nice ones in my travels. I love when they look like they are on fire.

'Stitches East' socks............put to bed. 
Trekking XXL striping yarn. Fruit Stripe Gum pattern.....again. 

It's so much fun I make have to make a dozen socks in this pattern before I'm tired of it. (Pair #3 is already completed, but not photoed yet, and pair #4 is in the very, very, very early stages of being completed.)

Tomorrow is a very exciting day because...
...I finally get to start my David's Tea advent calendar!

You have to get these the SECOND they come out if you want to grab one so I've been staring at this big box for a whole month now, trying to wait until December 1st. Soooo hard! I love advent calendars in general but one that gives you a little tin of special tea every day? Ho, ho, ho!  *fans self*

I got the winter collection at the same time to keep me busy or otherwise I never would have made it. Never. Ha! :)

(Not an actual Grumpy Cat. Sweetest, Gentlest Thing Ever Cat.)

Meisha is still doing ok, so that is a good thing. Her levels are worse every time we test for them (grr!) but she still doesn't have any major symptoms

 I got her a new doctor, someone who can devote a little more time/energy to a rare case. Did another whole round of various tests and there is still no cause to be found for her hypercalcemia. (It's certainly not for lack of trying, that's for sure.) The testing was great overall though because her kidneys and joints showed no calcification yet, which is AWESOME. She's the healthiest terminally ill animal you've ever seen! SO FRUSTRATING! @$!@$!@#$
I gets angry sometimes. Just saying.
Someone pass me a holiday cookie to distract me. 

See? I feel better already. Eating your feelings WORKS, guys. 
IT WORKS. Never forget that. Heh.


Anonymous said...

Beer and bikes on that tricky part by the creek could be, uhhhh, interesting???? It does look like a good time was had by all.

Your kitty is SO pretty! Glad she is doing well.

Ummmmmm...a tea advent calendar??? That is AWESOME!

Jackie said...

Beer is a great post race recovery drink (or so I've been told) so it must be good for long rides too, huh? My husband used to ride a lot but it has been a while. He'll get back to it.

I hope this month isn't insanely busy for you and that your precious kitty continues to enjoy great health. It really highlights where the "practice" part comes in, doesn't it? Ugh!

Margaret said...

Love that sheep sign! Fantastic! Hope you aren't too insanely busy with the holidays and your bead shop and all. Hope your kitty continues well and your new vet figures out what's going on with her. Poor thing. poor you...

Vickie said...

I am glad Meisha is still okay and still with you. The cats are adorable.
Those Fruit Stripe Gum socks rock!

Annie said...

Beer and bikes .. what a combo!

Mr. Sheep looks like one of those impulse purchases you couldn't resist. Hope you found a nice place for him.

Love your new socks.. pretty sherbety colors.

Hope your kitty hangs in ok. And hope you don't get buried under that pile of beads! Be sure to come up for air occasionaly!

Carol said...

Yes, beer and bikes seem to go hand in hand. I can't tell you how many of the guys in my husband's biking group also brew their own beer (DH included)... Honestly, I don't understand the appeal of biking in freezing, rainy weather, but I'm sure he doesn't understand the appeal of making tiny x's on fabric either!!

Pretty new socks and I'm in awe of your beads--you are so creative :)

Poor Meisha--I'm glad she's holding her own. You are probably more worried about her than she is. Give her a cuddle for me!

Julie said...

Fab socks, such groovy colours.
Love Mr Sheep, he's adorable.
Mei shal looks as beautiful as ever...furry cuddles to her.

Maggee said...

You are so funny! Love this post! Bikes and Beers--too funny! And the Tea Advent hot flashes! Ha! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving! Sleeping in--definitely a privilege earned after working so hard! Hugs!