Friday, October 10, 2014


 Yay! An update! I keep meaning to do this and meaning to do this but it never seems to happen. Grrr! I lost a bit of time there in September due to a vacation week and - even more importantly - a BRAND NEW COMPUTER. I am no longer computing like it's 2006, people! 

My old computer actually wasn't in terrible shape, aside from being nervous of a hardware meltdown happening at any time because, you know, that stuff wasn't built to last forever and 7-8 years is asking a bit much of it. *ahem* The bigger issue was that more and more things weren't working with Windows Vista now that it's no longer supported so, rather than upgrade an old computer, we just got a new one! (A Windows 7 machine though because, MAN!, have I heard horrible no good things about Windows 8.) I was dreading moving everything over but apparently things have changed a LOT since I last bought one of these dang machines and it was actually pretty easy. *blink*

ANYWAY. I'm in a good mood today (mostly) because tomorrow is the Stitches East show and I looooooooooooooooooovveeeeeeeeeeeee the Stitches East show. And now it's here and I'm excited, even though I haven't been knitting much lately. I did so much knitting over the summer that I decided to take a break from it for a little while and get more stitching done. 

Turns out when you work on stitching a little bit each day (or most days) you actually FINISH THINGS UP. I know, right? It's miraculous.

These finishes here are the L*K Song of Spring kit , the rabbity 'small' that comes with that and the 2nd part of the BBD Honeybee Hill. (I haven't had occasion to use that sparkly green linen before and I quite like it here with Mr. Rabbit. )

I finished another piece as well but that may/may not be a gift so I don't want to post it and I have a big Plum Street piece 'in progress' that I am plugging along on. I can't go to the SE show without something on the needles though so stitching progress might be halted for a bit while I get my sock knitting on. :)

Relatedly, that new iPhone x-stitch app making the rounds is quite brilliant. An online/device accessible detailed accounting of everything in your stash?  YOU KNOW I had to snap that up immediately because I *LOVE* a good spreadsheeting, organizing, finger snapping, alphabetizing project. 

I went through pretty much everything I have pattern wise, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap and.......

Honestly, it's not AS BAD as I thought it was going to be! Of the 315 patterns I own, about 75-80 have already been stitched. Now, that is still more than I can probably REALISTICALLY finish in the years I have left to me (or have left in my eyesight/hand dexterity). And it doesn't take into account that I own 14 years of the JCS ornament issues which, well, have a lot of stuff in them. But. It's STILL not as bad as I thought. I would have guessed I had no less than 500 patterns to get to, so, yay? Buy more? ;)

(Also not counted: the patterns I have given away over the years. I gave away a GIANT stack of used Shepherd's Bush/misc. patterns at some point, a fact I am a little bitter about, to be honest, because REASONS. Things did not turn out well on that one. *sigh*)

After the patterns were done, I did my hand dyed threads but not my DMC. (Because I own ALL OF IT so I don't need a stinking list for that. ) All of the info is in that mysterious Cloud thingy now  and I can open it up on my phone or Mini so I have NO EXCUSES not to keep up on it. The app is really great and I wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone with Apple devices and a wish to have an easily searchable database of their stash.

OH well. I probably had a million other things to say but this will do for now, right? :)

BTW - those little guys at the top are the new Mummy beads I posted on Etsy/my site this week. Cuties! :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like that Iphone app is pretty nifty. If I had something like that it might reduce duplication --- a problem I have with cross stitch AND knitting.

One of these days I need to make an inventory. LOL

Your cross stitch projects are adorable. I LOVE that bee.

Leslie said...

Your stitches are beautiful.. I have a problem finishing projects. I am all gun-ho and then.. I lost it! : )
I really love those little beads, I am on my way to visit your etsy.

Happy October friend!!! : )

oh.. and congrats on the new computer.

valerie said...

Congrats on the new computer and finishes! They are super cute. I am planning on a huge stash reorg so I just downloaded the app to do that at the same time. Now to find the time! Have fun at Stitches East!!! Can't wait to see what cool finds you get. :)

Cole said...

Yay for stitching!! I've got to go get started on some now I'm thinking ;o)

Beth said...

Love the mummy beads. Wonderful stitching too. Wonderful sparkly fabric for the bunny. Hope to read a report on Stitches East Show. 2015 will be the year I get my stash organized and ruthlessly get rid of charts I will never ever ever stitch (maybe)!

Vickie said...

What sweet stitches. I would love to hear about Stitches East. =) And see some kitties in the next post. ;)

Anne said...

Yay for a new computer! I actually have Windows 8 and it's fine so not sure what's bad about it. Love your stitching, especially the BBD Bee :D I'm not sure if I got that pattern or not, but I think I should if I don't! I've heard of that app but too bad they don't make it for smart phones. I think your amount of patterns is not too bad, but you will be kept busy for many years to come!! Have fun at the Stitches East show!

Annie said...

Beautiful stitching. Glad to hear you have given it some time.
Quite hi tech there with your new puter and fancy phone app. No excuses now for infrequent blogging.

Love the mummies!

Enjoy the show and give us a full report.

Melanie said...

Congrats on the new computer, we've got windows 8 and I must admit I struggle to use it. Your finishes are lovely, I've got them in my stash somewhere! I've actually got that ap and it's great, I just need to find time to input all my charts, threads etc into it, it just seems a daunting task.

Carol said...

I always love reading a new update from you, Melanie! I've been very slow on updating my blog lately, too--I'm afraid my blogging interest is begin to wane :(

Congratulations on your new computer--I'm thinking mine is due for an upgrade soon, too, as it is acting a bit strange lately! I worry about the Windows 8 format, too, so I'm happy to know you could still get Windows 7. The new stitching app looks mighty helpful, too--anything to make stitching time more productive :)

Your stitching finishes looks great--especially love that gorgeous bee! And your mummy beads are too cute :)

Enjoy what's left of your October, Melanie--I just can't believe the month is half over (almost!!)...

Maggee said...

Cute little mummy beads! Congrats on some stitching finishes too! I am working on a few pieces... would love to have finishes! Life is too jumpy right now! Have fun at the knitting show! Hugs!

Jackie said...

I had wondered about the x stitch app. How long did it take you?

I'm hoping my few minutes a day will result in finishes too! GreaT job!

Margaret said...

I was wondering the same thing -- how long did it take you to enter everything into the app? I think it would take me an age to switch over. Love your stitching finishes. Love your new beads! Envy your going to STitches East......

Julie said...

My blogging has been bad this summer, time has just seemed to escape me and there's always something I need to do right away instead.

Super little stitches you've been putting in.

Love the little beads - cute.