Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh shoot, I forgot to do another EPIC Lost post on Wednesday, using appropriately awesome macros. :( I've resigned myself to the fact that every Tuesday night, from now until the end of May, I will be going to bed with a LOST-sized headache/brain scramble. Anyhoo, if I HAD DONE a macro post it would have contained this:

RUN BEN RUNNNNNNN! I heart you so much, you dark and twisty soul. lol

 Who buys more spices than I do? NO ONE, NO ONE! 


God, I love buying spices. Well, I love using them too - I'm not just HOARDING them or anything. I've been out of this, that, and the other since Xmas so I did a huge order last week and it came on Friday. OH HAPPY JOY! I've been without thyme for, like, two MONTHS. The horror! Do you know how indispensable thyme is?  ALMOST AS MUCH AS TIME. I thought I would be smart this time and, instead of ordering everything in 1oz glass bottles, I would order some 4oz bags instead so I could get a few refills out of each one. Why not, right? The bags are usually less than a dollar more and I don't NEED fresh bottles every time. Well, to that I say: heeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeee hooooooooooooo hooooooooooooo haaaaaa haa haha! Turns out that 4oz of basil (bag) is, like, A LOT. A lot-a lot. I saw those big bags of basil and thyme and started looking over my shoulder for FBI agents because it was like I was dealing weed or something. THEM BAGS ARE BIG. Now I just have to cook like a mad fiend to use it all up!

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