Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 I am part Irish and have to admit I'm doing.............bupkis for the holiday. (Who says you can't use a little Yiddish when describing your Irish activities?) I'm so over the boiled dinner thing but I do loves me some corned beef. Sadly, I did not remember how much I love corned beef until it was too late to plop one in the slow cooker for today (still suffering from DST EPIC FAIL fever) so I'll plop it in tonight before I go to bed. Then I will make some serious ass-kicking corned beef hash tomorrow...............for brunch. (See: DST EPIC FAIL fever. Not_adjusting_well_to_change.)

I suppose I should do a LOST post since it's Post-Lost Wednesday but it was a little blah last night. All's I got is Sayid being all YAWN, DON'T CARE while Crazy Claire does her crazy thing.

Let's hope Flash Forward has some good razzle dazzle on Thursday for me instead!

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