Monday, March 08, 2010

It was actually quite NICE out this weekend, in the 50's temp wise. Dare I think that spring might be coming? I mean, the trees don't finish 'filling in' with leaves until the end of May around here so we're a long way off for springtime planting (early May) and grass growing but it will be VERY NICE if the super cold temps and snow are gone for good! The nicer temps were also good for figuring that the bees STILL LIVE. THEY MADE IT THROUGH THE WINTER, GUYS! WOOOOoo!***

 They were out in force this weekend and even coming back with pollen-packed leggies. WTF? We have NO IDEA where or how far they are going to get THAT seeing as there isn't a damn thing sprouting yet??? Only thing I could think of is maybe the nurseries in the area have some stock out they are pilfering from? Only the bees know.But it's a good sign that the queen is still doing her thing and making babies and stuff.

***Admittedly, this excites me mostly for the simple fact that 1) I don't have to listen to the hubby moaning about dead bees because he gets a *wee* bit obsessed over their care and 2) we don't have shell out $$$ for a new box of bees because bees? NOT CHEAP to buy!

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