Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Here's what I learned this weekend:


I was all punch-drunk-happy at my recent foray into making my own hummus (using CANNED beans) and determined the next step was to make hummus from scratch 'for real' using dried beans. Heeeee heeee hoooooo hoooooooooo. I've never used dried beans of any kind, EVER, IN MY LIFE, because I'm lazy and cans are so readily available so here's what I learned in my first outing: ONE BAG MAKES A HELLA AMOUNT OF BEANS. AN EPIC AMOUNT OF BEANS. ALMOST TOO MUCH TO FIT INTO ONE CONTAINER.

One bag seemed innocent enough. My original recipe used one can of beans and I would have liked a little more. So I figured a bag of dried beans would equal two cans. Heeeeee heeee hoooooo hoooooo! I knew I was in trouble when the damn things *barely* fit into my big ole KitchenAid whizzer and kept creeping up the peephole. And when I was done I had enough hummus to feed an army of very hungry, hummus lovers. Just a never-ending mountain of hummus. Very yummy but still - how much hummus can one person cram into their maw within a short period of time?  Next time: half a bag...........or less.....

I consider it all good research for the 'cause' and, as luck would have it, I saw another dried bean recipe this weekend I'd like to try. (Side note: baked beans are usually made with navy beans? I did not know this. I thought they were done with pintos. Hmph. Can you tell I just learned to like beans within the last 5 years or so? IT'S LIKE A WHOLE NEW WORLD TO ME.)

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