Wednesday, January 27, 2010


First knitting finish of the year! (And of course it's a pair of socks. I really am the Sock Knitting Queen. WHERE'S MY CROWN???? *snort*) Another pair of Monkeys (I've knit these at least 4-5 times now) because 1) it's an awesome pattern (I just noticed it's been knit over 11,000 times now on Ravelry!) and 2) they knit up quick. I needed a little mind jolt from the post-Xmas knitting doldrums I was suffering from so something easy and quick was in order. These fit the bill quite nicely. One night to do the leg, another night to do the heel/gusset, third night to do the foot/toe. So theoretically they take a week if you watch tv every night of that week (which I don't, so these actually took me two weeks). I could probably knit this pattern up a dozen times and still not tire of it. It's like the knitting equivalent of home-cooked comfort food: easy to make but richly satisfying both physically and mentally.

These socks, however, are destined for someone else for Valentine's Day (they don't read this blog so I'm not ruining the surprise or anything) so I shall cuddle them and then let them go. Bye socks! It was nice knowing you. *sniff*

(Thank you again, Lori, for the yarn! It is wonderful stuff. Bright colors, not too splitty, and washes up nice and soft. Very, very nice stuff to work with.)

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