Tuesday, March 18, 2014


 Oh, dear. Just not into this blogging 'thing' lately, I'm afraid. :(

Can't say it's for any particular reason either, other than general 'winter has gone on MUCH MUCH TOO LONG now' malaise that is probably affecting almost all of us in the northern hemisphere. Busy with work, yes, as always, but things are moving along as normal otherwise. 

Figured I should get in here before TOO much time goes by and I forget how to do it all together. Plus, I had a stack of  this hanging around that I'd like to put away:

Blogging or no blogging, I still pile finished things up to be photographed. It's like they aren't TRULY done unless their existence has been logged online in some fashion. That's a little sad, I think. I mean we DID 'exist' in our pre-online lives, didn't we? (And you can just shush if you are reading this and too young to have ever had a chance at a pre-online life, ok? We do not like young whippersnappers poking at our older selves. lol) 

Thanks to some tv-binge-watching (both seasons of House of Cards in EIGHT days! Eight!) I've actually been plugging right along on a bunch of things. Most of the individual photos I went for came out cringe-inducing awful though. Grrrrr. I only managed to take a decent picture of my newest pillow finishes:

Sadly, I did not put these 'together' in time for the holiday this year but I did finish STITCHING them in time. That has to count for.............something? I could only dig up two other appropriate smalls for this holiday so I figured it well past time I did a few more. The heart pattern is from a designer I saw on Etsy and the other two are freebies from The Primitive Hare. Used random scraps of linen and bits and bobs of lace and what not that I could scrounge out of my craft closet. 

I'll have to retake the photos of Most Hated Socks Ever and my L*K stockings. :)

I'm going to end this with another clover pic. A day late, of course, but I have a sweet spot for this holiday. For one, it's ridiculously easy to celebrate (wear green!) and comes with really tasty food and, two, I just plain ole like the color green. We need more fun, color-based holidays! :)


Beth said...

I have missed your blog posts Melanie ( waving back at you). What a great trifecta of finishes. I recognize 2 of them, but it the multi- heart. I am interested in the name & designers please. The cats and I are enjoying a lovely afternoon in the sunshine. They did wonder where the photo of your 2 cuties was...surely an issue of quality control or oversight on your part ( or so they imagine).

Jackie said...

Wow - you're wonderfully early for Valentines Day 2015! In my mind, we're never late but always early. Love these three projects!

Robin said...

Love your heart finishes! Thank you for providing the link to the heart shaped piece.

Great clover pictures!

Robin in Virginia

Annie said...

Such sweet little pillows. I wouldn't mind if every day was Valentine's day.
I know what you mean about taking the photo and showing the finish in the blog. My blog owns me no matter how hard I try to break free!

7" of snow here yesterday and murmurings of another storm next week. Talk about wintwr malaise...I'm right there with you.

Julie said...

A lovely collection of little pillows, I like the heart one.

Sending a {big hug}, I hope spring soons blooms where you are and you feel a little brighter.

p.s. I too don't think its finished till its been recorded on my blog for future reference to me (and anyone else who cares to come along and see)

Margaret said...

Great finishing! Love the pile too. Fun pic! Do I see knitted and woven things as well in that pile? You should do instagram. It's faster and fun. :D (Do you do instagram??)

Vickie said...

So glad to hear from you. I am missing pictures of the two sweeties though. You post them next time okay? Those are sweet finishes for Valentine's Day.

Carol said...

I always look forward to your posts, Melanie... I go through blogging slumps quite often myself and procrastinate about posting so much that I end up with way-too-long posts. But, I like having a record of my finishes and enjoy looking back at previous things I've stitched through the years.

Your Valentine's pillows are so adorable--I'm in awe of your heart shaped one. I just can't muster up my nerve to try that shape!

I hope spring makes an appearance up your way soon. Our snow has melted and has mad such a difference in my mood! Hugs to you and the kitties :)

Michele said...

love your finishes! and thanks for the esty link, I ordered the heart pattern and the flower/heart design .. very sweet :)

love love love your tin of beads!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your finishing is beautiful and those little touches are perfect!

Maggie said...

Love the finishes, and like Jackie says, you are not late you are early :-)
I'm finding it hard to get back into the blogging thing too, seems the longer you stay away the harder it is to come back. I love reading your post, so please come back again soon x

Bianca said...

All of your finishes are great and the heart one is extra cute!

Maggee said...

My blog is where I keep a record of my finishes, too! Been sick a lot lately, so not much stitching going on. Love the hearts piece the best, though the other two are also adorable. Your finishing is terrific... you did great with those bits and bobs of this and that! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hi :::waving back wildly:::

Love the little heart shaped pillow. What fun colors!

geeky Heather said...

Ooooo, lovely finishes!! And yes, things did exist before our online days...but as for me, I just wouldn't remember them! It is sad how true "pictures or it didn't happen" is for me!!!