Friday, February 07, 2014

New Beads!

In keeping with the 'usual' (being late for everything in my hobbies), they aren't particularly in season. I just go with the flow and make what I like, seasons be damned. :)

Personally, I'm looking at a ton of snow out there so I'm game for some snowman. (I have a snow kitty-man on my deck right now. An inspired bit of snow fun by the hubby from the other day. lol)
The snowman are sold separately from the spotted spacers so you can make your own sets up as needed.
A Valentine's set, of sorts. I have a Christmas colored set like this that people seem to like a lot so I did a similar one in pinks. Because if there is one thing I know it's how much people love pink. Pink, pink, and more pink! (It *is* a fun color. Always happy!)

A couple other things too but I won't bore people. Well, except for this:

I lied a tiny bit when I said last month that I had packed up all my 'extra' beads and was starting over again for the new year with empty bead bowls. I meant to say all the extra beads that weren't the spacers and small beads that I like to hoard make in great quantities. Oh, THOSE. *ahem*

I've had to graduate from my bead bowl to this 'bead tin'. A whole tin! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I haven't weighed it but it wouldn't shock me if it were around 2lbs.  It's a glorious, happy, massive pile of little beads that are MINE, MINE, MINE.

What can I say? I like spacers. They are a good way to use up all the glass rod shorts on my work table. A good portion of them go out in my shipped packages as little freebies but I make them upwards of six at a time on one mandrel (!!) so I always make more than I actually use. I should probably start scouting out a bigger container now. It's just never enough. Heh. :)


Vickie said...

Beautiful work Melanie! I would be one of those pink people. ;)
I made snow dogs years ago for the kids. Yeah, it was for the kids not me. ;)

geeky Heather said...

SIX AT A TIME ON ONE MANDREL!!! *faints* Now that I actually know what words like mandrel mean...I was already thinking how impressed I am at what you can do with that crazy glass stuff...but six at a time!! *faints again* LOL!!

Also: cute snowmen almost make me think fondly of snow.

Margaret said...

Love that tin full of spacers! Wow!

Jackie said...

I never outgrew pink either! All of your beads are beautiful. You are very talented!

Beth said...

Melanie all the beads are just fabulous! Glass work is so magical! Liquid into solid form. Your snow guys are sweet!

Annie said...

Adorable snowmen! Perfect for this winter. Looks like it would be fun to just play with those spacer beads!

Carol said...

I'm fascinated by your beads, Melanie... I have no idea how they are made. Can you steer me to a You-tube video or something so I can understand a bit of what goes into creating them?

Stay warm up there--we're being snowed in again today :(

Julie said...

Cute little snowbeadies. What a lovely tin full of colour.

Terri said...

Beautiful, beautiful beads! I love the snowmen!