Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Not gonna lie.

I kinda hate July a little so far. It's the weather. Ugh.
Too hot and WAY too humid to do anything fun outside. Or anything outside really. (You could swim.......but I don't have a pool.) I've been reading a lot lately. Which is good for working through the stacks of books (both paper and digital) that I have. But man, I hate humid. It turns me into a whiny princess. :(

Way back a couple weeks ago, before the dew point parked it's ass in the 70-75 degree range and refused to budge, I did manage to finish a couple projects.

Cookie A - Jubilee pattern

Yay! Socks! Only my second pair this year. NUTS. I am seriously lacking in sockitude this year because of my tendonitis issues. They are..........a little weird? They look massively big but fit pretty okay. Probably too thick to wear with lace up shoes but, as luck would have it, I tend to wear clogs more often than not in the winter around the house. (I contemplated doing the smaller pattern size but the gauge was telling me they would have been too small then so I didn't even bother to try it.) Cheetos-colored socks aren't for everyone though, obviously, so these I'm definitely keeping for myself. :)

That's it for me with knitting though until the weather changes. I started a scarf but it's too too too sticky draping over your legs, etc. to work on it right now.

Also finished, little L*K strawberry sampler that's......also a little weird? I had almost none of the hand-dyed threads it called for and the DMC conversions provided were........less than stellar. I'm not 100% on some of the colors, as far as them all working together, but, you know - it is just a little sampler. No sense in driving yourself mad over it either.

Do you know how hard it is to find collectables that have LIGHT-colored Himalayans in them? IMPOSSIBLE. Everything is done up with the darker Seal and Chocolate point Himalayans.  *pout* 

So I was SUPER stoked to find this original watercolor on Etsy with a Blue point kitty, just like my Mooshie. OH HELLO, I MUST HAVE YOU.  (The seller is Amble and Sing. SUPER cute stuff!) It's just about the most perfect thing EVERrrrRRrrrrr. *ahem* I put one of his favorite 'glitter' balls he loved to fetch with  it and I just love it. Makes me smile every time I pass it in the hall. :)

I'm really over how quiet the house is too. I had tuna fish for lunch yesterday - alone.
By myself. Do you know how sad that is? No one cared. No one came to sit with me. No one begged for a treat. It tasted like salty tears and disappointment. 

To remedy that, expect a can of whoop ass to be unleashed around these parts around mid-August. Hopefully. *fingers crossed*


augcott said...

I love your post!
You had me laughing.
I soooooo understand hating July ... I can't take much more of this heat/humidity. The house has been closed up because we've had the a/c running 24/7 for the last 3 weeks now ... what happens in August??
Have a great day!

Jackie said...

I hope both of them!

I hear you on the humidity - I hate it here in Florida. And it's worse in the morning when you don't want to break out in a sweat walking 10 feet to your car on your way to work. It's absolutely awful!

Annie said...

Cheeto socks would be good while eating cheetos in the Winter. A real comfort food ensemble!

What a sweet piece of art to commemorate Mooshie. I know you will treasure that one.

I like the LK piece.. those are my kind of colors.

And remember, you don't have to shovel heat or humidity!

Kenzie said...

I would so rock the Cheetos socks. I know you will too.

And Kittens! *squee!*

Margaret said...

Oh my gosh! Kittens? So cute! Hope it happens! I love that pictures you got -- OMG it's wonderful. So perfect for you too. Love your cheetos socks too. And your LK finish. I hate this weather too. My glasses fog up when I get out of the car. UGH.

Carol said...

Oh, you're getting a new kitty (or two?)?? You lucky girl--sure hope it works out!! Your Cheetoh socks will be perfect this fall--great color and I think the LK colors you chose work perfectly...

I'm with you--enough of this hot, humid, rainy weather! We had some wild and violent thunderstorms here today--really scary!

Anonymous said...

New babies? SQUEEEEEEE!

I know what you mean about the color exchange thing. The pumpkin project I'm working on had Au ver รก soie silk floss in the kit. I must have thrown it away --- I remember hating it when I first started the kit. So, I'm subbing DMC, but it's REALLY hard to get a match.

Vickie said...

Oh Melanie! Are ya getting a kitty?! I am so weak. Every time one of our dogs die, I just have to get another. Just have to. It is so hard for Brian, bless his heart. He wants to be done with pets. I just NEED one! ;)
Love your Mooshie art. =)
And I think those socks are cool!

Marnie/Marz/PlayerVSHobbies said...

I LOVE that watercolour and your addition of a sparkle ball. Purrfect!

Can't wait to hear about kitten chaos in August. :D

Catherine said... kitties are so cute!!! Are you getting both of them!?!
Love the picture you found ~ so perfect!
I would wear those socks around the house just to keep my feet warm!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oh my are those two wee ones coming to your house??? So adorable! I prefer cats in pairs so much more fun especially when they get up to their antics!

That print you bought is just beautiful I love it!

Congrats on the LK finish its lovely

Beth said...

Just looking at your thermometer and U broke out in a sweater. The Mooshie art is charming and the glitter ball really personalizes it. Our Padma cat can be sound asleep clear upstairs, but open a can of tuna, and suddenly, there he is! So like you, I'm used to eating tuna with company.

Penny said...

I'm with you on the weather - yuck! Love the socks! I'm a pretty novice knitter, but would love to be able to knit socks. :) Your little LK finish is pretty! Sweet little kittens - they can be pretty entertaining at that age. :)

Julie said...

Hit are horrid here upon the UK, we had a thunder storm yesterday and a house up the road was struck by lightning.

Aww cute little furnaces and cute socks too.