Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Bunny bomb.

 I'll get to the bunnies but first I wanted to thank y'all for the sweet comments about my Mooshie on my last post. It was a difficult week. You resign yourself to crying at inappropriate times (or so it feels like) and you get through it. I feel a little better this week and I did have some good moments going through my mementos of him. I dug up the pictures of when he was a kitten, which I hadn't seen in yearsssss. (Actual photos because we didn't have digital cameras back then! lol) Had real photos made of the digital photos I have of him, to add to those. And I ordered a custom engraved stone for where we bury him, right next to Tubby, who was his friend from way, way back. (She has a stone too.)  It gives me comfort to go through things like that. Makes it feel like you are a tiny bit proactive and not so out of control with it all. Maybe it's just me though. :)

 While I was digging for his photos though I came across this little angel, just tucked away and long forgotten in a sandwich baggie. I used to work on the side as a sample stitcher for a LNS (that no longer exists) and I think this was the sample I submitted as proof of my work, as an example of neatness, ability to do over one work, etc. Gosh, talk about a long buried memory! That's going back AGES. 

It's part of a free angel ornament pattern by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum circa 1997. (Plenty more of those free angels here.) I had totally forgotten how amazing her angels are. I'm wondering if I can just rip back the sleeve a bit on this a little to round the bottom out and make it into an ornament. You just know that red has left a mark on that linen by NOW though.*sigh* Reds. They are trouble makers.

Anyhoo. I had finished up a couple new bunnies a couple weeks ago and then..........got distracted and stuff. :(  

 I feel kinda over it now but the photos were already done and they *are* cute so I figured I would post them anyway. I mean, it's not their fault, is it? I was very happy to knit them up. This boy might be my favorite of the bunch. His face and sweater just came out so perfect, I love him lots. :)

My efforts to knit through that sack of worsted wool were wasted though because, four bunnies later, I still have a sack full of it. lol 

And I'm not sure what to do with them now that I have them. They don't seem inclined to hop off anywhere so I will keep them until another use for them makes itself known. Maybe everyone I know will get a bunny for Christmas and then THEY can wonder about what to do with them. I just like KNITTING and these were a hoot to knit. :)

Hope everyone (who celebrates) has a happy and safe Fourth!
I actually remembered to gather up all my red/white/blue stitchies to put out in time for the holiday. 
Well, me oh my. Miracles do exist. lol


Cath said...

Lovely pic of Mooshie.
I love your bunnies ,especially the purple one , so cute.
Have a better week .Thinking of you .X

Annie said...

Love that Mooshie-face!

You really should find a way to use that sweet angel stitching. It's beautiful and so delicate with the over-one face.

Your basket of bunnies look so lovable. I would think they would cheer you up just looking at them when you pass by.

Have a great 4th!

Vickie said...

Oh my goodness! That basketful of bunnies is the best! Thanks for the angel link.

Beth said...

You have the best posts in the entire world, and you always make me smile and usually make me laugh (except that time you brought tears to my eyes)...anyway...LOVE your basket of bunnies - keep knitting them! We need to see ALL of your 4th stitches . And your over one angel face - wow. Dear Mooshie - glad you are finding ways to keep tight the happy memories.

Julie said...

Ooooo more lovely little furry bunnies, they're so very cute,there'll be lots of ladies offering them a good home.
It was so lovely to read you had some therapeutic healing time looking through old pictures of your treasured kitty and were able to enjoy some happy memories. Xxxx

Dee said...

I think the bunnies look adorable right there in their basket. The one with the patchy-eye is my favorite. They are so CUTE!

Margaret said...

Ahh, I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. Good that you did all those things and were proactive about it all. Love that angel -- very nice! Like all your bunnies too -- so cute! Hope you have a good 4th!

Maggee said...

You are a talented knitter! Those bunnies are adorable... And I especially love the purple one, since that's my favorite color!! Time heals all, so keep doing what you are doing and feel a little better each day. You are also a talented stitcher... that over one face is exquisite! Hugs!

Jackie said...

Sending you a hug!

Funny how that bag of worsted wool never seems to be reduced. Sounds like one of those never ending Mary Poppins bag! The bunnies are incredibly cute!

Gabi said...

Lovely! I wish I could knit like you!
The basketful looks so cute and adorable.
Greetings from germany

Catherine said...

Isn't it a good feeling to go back through pictures and relive some good memories ~ such a sweet pic.
Love all of your projects ~ those bunnies sure are cute!

Marsha said...

Mooshie and angel find, no accident there. I think she would look fine as she is made into an ornament. That face is so sweet. The bunnies are adorable. Who wouldn't want one as a Christmas gift? Glad you found kitten pics and so sorry.

Carol said...

I'm glad you are beginning the healing process after the loss of Mooshie, Melanie. He was certainly an adorable, adorable kitten!! Wow!

Yes--definitely make your little angel into an ornament. If any red shows after removing it maybe you could disguise it with a gold charm or a bit of lace...

Love your box of bouncing bunnies--each one is so unique. How long does it take you to knit each one?

Love that star patriotic pillow--I am too scared to attempt that shape!

Happy 4th to you, Melanie :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Squeeee! Your basket o' bunnies is too cute for words!!!

Cole said...

Lovely pic of your Mooshie... I'm so sorry :( I missed your last post somehow..

Great box of bunnies!

Penny said...

So sorry to hear about sweet Mooshie. That is a lovely picture of him. Great idea to turn your angel into an ornament. Love your knitted bunnies - so cute!