Friday, July 06, 2012

Picture Post!!

The past week+ has been sooooooooooo busy and I have lots of photos. :)
Working backwards.....

 I didn't get this done for the 4th - I finished it up last night, if I want to be honest with y'all. 
I didn't have any 40ct. linen on hand to finish this kit as a 'box' finish but I wanted to stitch it NOW (I'm not one for waiting) so I figured it would be easy enough to stitch it twice. I'll just whip it up again for the box once I have the right linen, right?! 

Stuffing a star shape is...............interesting. If  'difficult' and 'annoying' is interesting to you. Probably should have thought that one out a little more before I settled on a star shaped pillow. lol So it's a little lumpy in areas and the chenille trim hides some of the evenness of the points, but it's DONE so I'm happy. :) 
No changes to it other than adding in the 2012 over one near the flag.

Walking along the path that runs right along the coast line in Narragansett, Rhode Island on the 4th. My mother lives about a 1/4 mile away so I got to take a nice long walk and soak up some ocean winds and smells. (I'm not one for beach lounging. Sand. No.)Very nice!! If I lived there I don't think I would be able to stop myself from taking hours and hours long walks every day.

I, admittedly, hate gardening but I know how to grow these. One of my favorite flowers. My blue ones are doing great but my purple ones? Not so much this year. :(
No cuttings from those because there is nothing to cut. *sad*

 Road trip to northern Massachusetts where I couldn't help but swing by WEBS (America's Largest Yarn Store!). I had a gift certificate from Christmas that I've been hoarding, waiting to spend it person vs. online so I could pet everything first before buying. Can't do THAT when shopping online. lol

Also part of the road trip: a stop by Yankee Candle's flagship store. You can lost in there for hours, it's so so so so so big. Like a whole village of shops under one roof! They had tons of clearance tables out and you won't get me to admit (in public or otherwise) how much I spent. Nope! I'll take that one to my grave, or at least I will when I can destroy any evidence of the bank statement once it comes in. lol (I should probably note that at least I don't use credit cards. I take my financial lumps up front, thankyouverymuch. Credit cards are too easy to use.........and scary. lol)

Not pictured: 
2hr. 'road trip' to movie theater to see movie - only we bought the tickets for the wrong theater for the wrong time, oh, and we would have been late anyway because we got stuck in a hailstorm on the way, so the movie was not to be. *sniff*

Tried again a couple days and managed it much better. Prometheus. Good. Creepy. If they don't make a sequel I will punch someone (I DON'T KNOW WHO YET BUT I'M LOOKING AT YOU, LINDELOF) because that's just cruel to end things like that. *stare*

Lots and lots of knitting after logging lots and lots of time in the car. Almost done with my Dragonflies. 

All caught up now! Whew!!!!! Summer's going by fast, isn't it????? :)


Vickie said...

ooOoo! Such scenery and fun trips! I have always wanted hydrangeas, no room.

Margaret said...

Oh fun fun fun!!! I especially love the scenery by your mom's place. I'm totally envious. Nice finish too!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation.

LOL I was overwhelmed with my local Yankee Candle store. I can't imagine the visual overload of the place you went. WOW!!!!

You star is beautiful. I love the chenille trim.

Annie said...

Your star pillow is just perfect! You wouldn't want it to look like it was made in a factory by machine, would you? It should definitely be a bit rustic.

Love a nice trip that includes good shopping. The WEBS store must be like heaven!

Karen said...

love your little star pillow! Though it may have been difficult, it looks like it was definitely worth it!

happy stitching...

Jackie said...

Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! I have a yard (vs a garden) so no hydrangeas here but I sure do love the way they look. I hear they can be quite touchy to grow.

Your star pillow is wonderful. I can't even imagine trying to cut that shape out. The chenille trim is the perfect touch.

Jan said...

The star is adorable. Good job.

I agree about Prometheus. I liked it but it created a lot more questions. My hubbie and I debated for hours. They better do a sequel.

Carol said...

Melanie--your star finish is adorable! I am so impressed--I have yet to tackle anything multi-sided like that :)

Love your hydrangeas--mine are doing well, too--just wish this darn heat would stop as they need so, so much water each day!

How nice to go to the beach in RI (I am another sand hater so I wouldn't have been lounging either!)... Looks like a lovely place for a walk.

Catherine said...

Love your finish!! What great times you have been having! I love to walk along then beach too - not too much of getting all sandy myself!

Julie said...

Love the star finish, brilliant.
Beautiful scenery, I love a walk along the coastline too.

Veronica said...

Very cute star pillow. Love the unique shape. Yeah, I can imagine how... interesting stuffing it must be :P

Lovely photos and beautiful flower :)

Haha... I know what you mean about petting yarn... I've been known to do that to my fabric collection XD


Dani - tkdchick said...

Lovely finish sorry you didn't get it done in time!

Lovely pictures!

valerie said...

Great finish Melanie! Love the beachy photos! I never got to visit that area of RI. I think it's funny that you are anti-sand though. :) Love the flowers and the yarn!