Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th! :)

It's hard to be spooked by it though when it's so bright and sunny and warm though, right?

(I've come across this multiple times today on Facebook, etc. and, while it doesn't seem that fair, I have to say I've snorted  laughed at it every single time. Why? I don't know.)

Hard to believe another week has gone by!! Let's see, what did I get into to this week.......
I finished up all of my current sock projects!
Oh, don't be too impressed though - the "Wayward" (red) ones have been ongoing since the beginning of March
 I just had a bitty foot on the right one to do to put that project to bed. (And, because of the complementing wrap-a-round cables, these socks actually *DO* have a left and right to them. Thankfully, I paid attention to what chart was what, out of the stack that this pattern comes with, and ENDED UP with a right/left one vs. two lefts, etc. WHEW!) 
 The Dragonfly socks were a quick knit - easy, easy! Probably could have gone with another repeat for the leg so I'll remember that for next time. (I don't like my socks too long so it's no biggie either way.)

Also (semi) finished:
Stitched my flag stitchy again, this time on the 'proper' fabric so it will fit on top of the star box that came in the kit. Just need to find the time to do the finishing now. (I didn't improvise a little '2012' on the new one but now that I see them together, I kind of miss that? I might have to go back and put that in!)

Anyone else doing the L*K Mystery Sampler Club that was just released??? I started it and love the colors but the fabric is a little larger count (30 ct.) than I would prefer. It's not a deal-breaker though. I'm just a diva and will get over it. *cough* I think the transition from 40ct from the last project to 30ct was a little oogy for me, is all.

I know so many of you are BROILING out there, in the heat, but it's been phenomenally seasonal here the past week...........again. Much better than it usually is for this area! If this is the new 'face' of climate change for this area, I'll take it!!!! Got lots of biking in last week, picture is from one of the (many) bike bridges on the Blackstone River Trail in Lincoln/Cumberland, Rhode Island.

This last pic is from my Epic Kitchen DeClutter this morning. Does anyone else find the kitchen gets cluttered if you so much as take your eyes off of it for a second? I hadn't SERIOUSLY decluttered it in awhile so I went at it in a ruthless manner this morning and now it's all back down to clean surfaces everywhere you look. 

I had to laugh and stop to take a picture of this ridiculousness though:
I *might* have a packet problem. As in, drink packet?
Yeah, I gots it bad. REAL bad.
And I'm not sure the picture is *quite* capturing just how many are there. (And I'm not even getting into how many bottles of MiO are around. *ahem*)
In my defense, I do drink a lot of water. (I even have a water cooler in my kitchen to facilitate things.)
I don't have any defense, really, for ordering more though the other day. True Lemon has 50% off all the lemonade packets this month and I..........may have ordered some more? Less than a 100 packets but, uhhhhh, more than 50. Okay so it was 80. Crap. WHERE IS THE 12 STEP PROGRAM FOR PACKET ADDICTION????? o_0

(Not that anybody asked, but my favorite one is the stevia-sweetened Apple Pear ones from Target. If I could get that one on tap, that would be GLORIOUS.)


Marnie/Marz/PlayerVSHobbies said...

I'm still working through all those True Grapefruit you got for me. hehehe

Marcin loves the MiOs and has been using those for his water. I'm happy because that leave all the True Lemon for me!

Sweet Sue said...

Hey Mel, hope you're having a great summer. LUV your socks! Maybe you need to knit am extra long sock that's really a packet holder:) Will look for the Pear flavor at Target. Have a lovely weekend...

Annie said...

Love the way your sock factory keeps going at all times of the year.

I like the teeny 2012 too, so I vote for adding it to the 2nd star.

Have fun with the the LK piece. Really has an appealing cover design. Some good marketing there.

These packets are new to me. What rock have I been living under?

Have a great weekend1

Margaret said...

Wow, those socks are fabulous!!! I love the patterns on both pairs. Love the re-stitch as well. I'd have a tough time with 30ct too. I think some places were offering the 35ct fabric. I'm tempted by that LK mystery piece, but I haven't succumbed yet. I want to though.... lol about your packet problem. Never can have too many, right? (I want a water cooler too......)

Margaret said...

Whoa! That's a lotta drink packets! you will be ready for the zombie apocalypse. (As long as you have fresh water)
Love the socks. The red ones are amazing!

Leslie said...

Boo!!!! I love that you have the packet addiction, I just cleaned out one of my cabinets ( the one above the fridge that I can't reach) and I found a Kazillion cupcake toppers. I that I am a hoarder. : )

The socks are gorgeous and the stitch project is going to be cool. I just starting stitching again ~ not very well... but it's helping me get through the smoking thing.
Happy Weekend.

Jan said...

I love the socks! I want them! LOL!

I'll have to check out Target for the Apple Pear. I've been using MIO's Mango Peach.

Beth said...

Tom Cruise (snort!) - Love your stitchy star too!

Vickie said...

Great socks. Oh that picture from the Blackstone River Trail! I could jump right in! We NEED rain!
If you had my three teens, the kitchen can't get cluttered with any kind of food. They eat it all! And quick! :)

Julie said...

The dragonfly socks are super, I do like them.
Beautiful view from your bike ride.

Anonymous said...

Great job on your dragonfly socks. They turned out beautifully.

I like the 2012 on the banner. It sort of looks like a flag pole to the flag. :-)

Maggie said...

Bright, sunny, warm, not words we are hearing much of at the moment, rainy, dull and cool, those are the words of our summer, lol.

Love the socks :-)

Bonnie Brown said...

I have thought about doing the lizzie kate mystery. Have to decide still :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great socks, those red ones are just fantastic!

Congrats on getting your star stitched up a second time!!!

Catherine said...

You packet hoarder you!! Too funny!! I'll have to look for that Apple~pear flavor, sounds interesting!
Your second star stitches look good, as does your new start!
Enjoy your weather ~ we ad getting ready for yet another heat wave ~ I am ready for fall!!

Veronica said...

Pretty socks. I vote for stitching in 2012 too. Makes it look more balanced.

That, my friend, is a lot of packets. LOL! You're addicted :P


Carol said...

Ha ha--love the Tom Cruise cartoon :)

I really AM impressed with all of your socks, Melanie--no matter how long it takes you to finish them up. And that Mystery Sampler is looking very intriguing--I'll enjoy watchign your progress...

Such a pretty part of the country you have to bike in. And I hear you about the addiction to those drink packets. Mine is to the Crystal Light kind--in fact, I'm drinking the Wild Strawberry flavor as I type this :)

geeky Heather said...

LOL at your packet could be addicted to worse things, right??!?

LURVE the Wayward socks!!!!