Tuesday, February 07, 2012

My bad.

I think I forgot there for a couple weeks that I have, like, a blog and stuff. And I should, I dunno, like.........USE it or something. lol
I have been keeping myself busy OFFline though! :)

There have been a few new beads posted:
I am making good headway on the long, long, long list of WIP stitching projects I have started or kitted up around the hosue:
An Ewe & Friends Roly-Poly Snowman. 
I had this kitted up for so long that I probably had 75% less wrinkles and gray hair when I first put it together. *cough* Finished it up in FOUR nights. (What the heck was wrong with me that I let it go so long??) I think I want to finish this up as cube. Hmm......

Some Midnight Stitching cutie-pie snowman hearts started last winter. 
I actually finished up a pinker version of the right one last winter but I ended up HATING the fabric it was on (too holey) so I restitched it on a better fabric and did it with a different red too, because I love deep reds. 
A trio of Bent Creek minis. 
(The third one, a wee little house, was downstairs when I was picture taking and if you think I was going to  haul off and go down two flights of stairs to get it in the interests of doing a blog post, well then, you don't know me very well. My sedentary nature knows NO BOUNDS.)

I'm loving my new most-favoritest nail polish (all new polish automatically becomes my most-favoritest, you know that, right?)
He gifted me the OPI from his visit to the hair salon last week and it's the perfect shade of green for this lime-loving gal. (Matches my pocketbook, my iPhone cover, AND my Fire cover! lol) Paired with an iridescent top coat? Totally springalicious! Like a perfect, glittery easter egg. I may be stuck on this combo for a while. (The top coat is clear with an iridescent micro-glitter - not white like it looks like here.)

Trying to get back into reading every day again. Currently on tap:
This one just came out TODAY (or the Kindle version was just released, not sure about hard cover) but I had it pre-ordered and actually started it this morning. I have a friend who has been living in India for a couple years now (husband's job was moved there) so I'm not entirely ignorant of how things work there but I still fully expect to be horrified, frustrated, angry, depressed, interested, saddened and moved by this book.

Enh. Not loving this one. I'm giving it a few more chapters before I give it up entirely. (It's probably not the book - I'm just hit or miss on nonfiction.)

You're either a foodie or you're not and non-foodies can ignore this one. Personally, I love these collections because I love food blogs in general. And I like how most of the essays are short enough that you can pick one off here and there when you only have a little time to read.

Watching a whole of this:
I never got around to watching it when it was on air but it's on Netflix streaming so I'm picking it off, little by little while I'm working, etc. I can't say I LOVE IT but it's entertaining enough.
I just finished up season three last night and it doesn't seem possible that it had enough juice to get through three MORE seasons? Hmph. I'm not sure I'll make it all the way to the end, to be honest. /shrug

Whew! I think I'm all caught up on the goings on of late now. Nothing terribly exciting going on, to be honest. lol It may not be very snowy/stormy out this winter but it's still winter and it's still COLD and, therefore, still a little dreary and blah. Here's to spring and more interesting goings-on! :)


Annie said...

Your snowmen are so cute! Such beautiful stitching.

Love the new beads and the new nail polish.

Anonymous said...

Oh! The talent up in here!!! WOW! You go girl! Everything I've seen, I admire. The beads, the stitching, the knitting...I am in, like...AWE. ;)

valerie said...

Cute beads and snowmen! Lime nail polish?!I can't really picture it on. lol But I think the combo would be cool. Thanks for the book recommendations. I am not reading anything at the moment. I might see if I can find the Boo book at the library!

Isn't Netflix streaming amazing?! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh ...the snowmen are too cute, especially the roly-poly one!

Love them!

Margaret said...

Love all your snowmen! Love your beads too -- so pretty! I'm not a great nonfiction reader. I can do it sometimes, but it just depends. Thanks for the Cleopatra review -- I'd been wondering about that one. And the Katherine Boo book -- I think it'll be too sad to read.

Love that fingernail polish! I love green, and I looove that green!

Cole said...

A fun post!! Your stitching rocks, I especially love the snowman hearts!

I love OPI polish, and the names are always fun too. My favorite color is "I'm not really a waitress"! hehe

Pumpkin said...

You've certainly been keeping yourself busy though! Cute beads and just in time for Valentine's Day :o)

Okay, I just LOVE that Roly Poly Snowman!!!! I don't remember that pattern at all. Do you know if it's still available?

Adorable smalls. Looks like you have some finishing ahead of you ;o)

Ranae said...

Perfect beads for Valentine's and those snowmen are all so cute.
Lime polish?! hmmmm! I'm goong to have to look for that color

Catherine said...

Love the beads!! And your snowmen stitches are so cute! Love that polish ~ you'll need to show us your nails all done up!

Sylvia said...

Aww Melanie, I love your little snowmen - too cute. Good job getting them all stitched up.

The bead are drool worthy!

I will have to note down the India book - I would probably find it interesting to read, but am sure to have all the reactions you have. But it is good to open your eyes to some of the other situations and living conditions around the world.

Julie said...

Super heart beads and nail polish colour, lime green seems to be very popular right now.
Role poly showman is adorable, not sure I've seen him before.

Terri said...

Hi! I'm a fairly new follower and I love your blog! The snowmen hearts are the cutest! Love the finishes and the beads!

Pretty Things said...

The beads are amazing, as is the cross stitch. I have that Cleopatra book waiting for me, and nail polish can be fun if you look on Pinterest and stick that in as a search!

Carol said...

Oh, those heart snowmen are so adorable, Melanie--I just love them!! And your beads are gorgeous--I'm in awe of your creativity :)

Now, I am not a nail polish wearer--I had a manicure once--yes once, in my whole life and promptly took it off the next day. It just drove me crazy. I do use it on my toes all summer long, but can't abide it on my fingers. I'll bet your lime nails look very cool, though :)