Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We got some snow! Finally.

And then it was 55 degrees the next day and all melted away within 48 hours. 
Oh well. It was pretty while it lasted. 
I can't say I'm not enjoying the extra 'sunny' feeling this winter because of the lack of storms. (Anything to avoid that mid-winter blues/depression thing, yes?)

I wasn't feeling super great last week but I managed to suck it up and finally finish my last remaining knitting WIP:

 (Look: actual SNOW in the background!)

My Joy Mittens.......that I started last August. Feels good to get this one finally finished! They were easy to do but the heavy charting made it hard to give them the attention they really needed when watching tv so I only worked on them in fits and starts. I originally started these because, after searching and searching and trying assorted projects, I FINALLY found a pattern that I felt really worked with this Twisted Fiber yarn that had been sitting around in my stash for ages and agessssss:

 Do you know how much I used up for the mittens? Less than ounce of it. I still had a very-generous 2.6 ounces left afterwards so I whipped up the rest into a pair of simple socks:

(Paired with another scrap yarn for the heel/toes because 1) I like the jaunty, almost ridiculously cheery look of it and 2) the green yarn is a bit thin so I wanted something a bit heavier for the areas that would wear out the fastest.) Soooo, did I finally use up the last of the yarn?

Not quite. lol
There's still a healthy ball of it left. And by healthy I mean there is probably enough to do the heel/toes of another pair of socks, if I were so inclined, which I AM NOT. This relationship was great while it lasted but it's over now and he needs to move on without me. :)

Needles are now empty and I can get to digging up all the many many stitching WIP's I have squirreled away in various places.


Ravelry link for the mittens, for anyone interested in knitting them. It's a fabulous pattern, with great charts/instructions.


Margaret said...

I loooove those mittens! The colors! The pattern! You don't really want those, do you? You want to give them to me, right? lolol! Gorgeous! Love the socks too. That yarn is wonderful!

I'm not complaining about the weather. I'd be perfectly happy not to see another snowflake all year. :D

geeky Heather said...

Time to start with the hexipuffs.... (she says, in a zombie-like voice)

LOVE the mittens! LOVE the socks!! OK, maybe I just LOVE that yarn. The picot cuff on the socks is just darling, but since I am in the sewing-up process of a picot hem right now, I must say GAH SEWING UP FINGERING HEM GAH RUN AWAY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those mittens and socks are beautiful. You REALLY got a lot out of that yarn.

Maggie said...

Fantastic mittens and socks!
You really got your moneys worth from that yarn :-)

Annie said...

Those are such cool mittens and socks! So worth the effort to follow the graph.

Hope you are feeling better now. Those mittens could cheer up anyone!

Anonymous said...

Those are soooo gorgeous!!!! I love the colors. AND the design on the mittens....gorgeous! Those socks look so cozy too LOL Beautiful work, Melanie.

valerie said...

Those mittens are gorgeous! I just love the design! The socks are super cute and fun too!

Carol said...

In one word--WOW!! They are incredible, Melanie... How long does it take to knit something like the mittens? And your pink heeled socks are adorable, too :)

Catherine said... both projects!! When I see things like this, it makes me want to learn ~ but then it would lead to another stash addiction I'm sure!

Julie said...

Amazing mittens, you are so clever.
Love the sockies too.

Margaret said...

Beautiful socks and mittens! Boy, that's a lot of yarn! It is pretty, though. It will look good on some future heels and toes, I'm sure.

Pumpkin said...

The mittens are gorgeous Melanie! LOVE the color :o)

We had some snow but it's gone now too after all the rain we had.

Siobhán said...

Great socks and mittens! I LOOOOOVE the mittens! So pretty. We have had an odd, warmer than usual winter. It's supposed to get cold later in the week, which I suppose will be nice. So far it's just been dreary and gray since November! :P

Dani - tkdchick said...

Okay I SO WANT these mitts! And well I live up here in Canada where we actually get snow that stays! So yup, I should have them. ;-)

Leslie said...

Those mittens are AMAZING!!! We might get an inch of snow here tomorrow. We swore that when we bought the jeep that it would not snow here for a few years.

Gabriele said...

Wow, what wonderful mittens.
Greetings from Germany, Gabi