Saturday, August 20, 2011

Whew! I made it.

To the weekend that is. It just felt like this week would...........never....................end. But here it is. Hopefully next week will be a little easier to get through. :)

Thanks for all the comments on my mittens! I do love a good hand knitted mitten. Maybe I'll enter one of these into the Fair next year, since they are both a little complicated in design, which I know the judges love. I didn't enter anything this year because I didn't feel I had really knitted anything that would wow them this past year. It's all been pretty basic stuff as far as fair entries go, you know? Your entries can be from any time during the year before the fair though so both of them will qualify for next year. Something to think about! I would have to squirrel one of them away and not use them if that were the case, to keep them new, which would make me sad because I OMG WANT TO WEAR NOW. We'll see how it goes when I actually FINISH a pair. lol

Fair Isle knitting isn't all that hard, I don't think, if you think like a CROSS STITCHER. Seriously. It's the same principle as far as pattern reading/applying that pattern. See -

This is just one small portion of one of the charts used to make my mitten. You follow it from right to left in a row and if the square is green, you knit with whatever color you have designated for the green areas, same goes for white, etc. Any stitcher would be right at home with these charts. The knitting is slower because you are working with two yarns at a time and have to keep switching them but the concept is simple enough. I credit all my years of cross stitching for preparing me for reading my knitting charts. lol

Here is the haul we brought home from the farmer's market the other day:
Corn, radishes, peaches, string beans, orange cherry tomatoes, a few hot peppers, blueberries and maple peanut brittle. (That last one comes courtesty of my husband's sweet tooth.)

I genuinely like eating a lot of vegetables. Like, A LOT. Between the farmers market and the regular supermarket this is what I have on tap to eat over the next week:

2lbs. of strawberries, bananas, apples, a whole pineapple, red/orange bell peppers (for cooking), a bag of mini bell peppers (for snacking on with wedges of Laughing Cow), 6 heads of romaine lettuce, head of cauliflower, yellow squash, baby carrots, two English cucumbers, bunch of cilantro, an avocado, and red/white onions.

Plus the several pints of cherry tomatoes I have coming out of my own garden. (I'm making a big batch of fresh corn salsa tonight, matter of fact, to use up a whole ton of tomatoes. Man, love this stuff on EVERYTHING. Salad, burger, taco, etc.)

Most of that will be gone by next Thursday and I'll get to start all over again. YUM. (And it is mostly me who eats it because I eat fruit/veg with all three meals and he only manages it usually with supper.) It's kind of ridiculous actually. lol (And you'd think, with all that, that I wouldn't be able to find room for 'bad stuff' like Doritos but you would be WRONG. Anytime, any place, baby. BRING IT. *snort*)

One more updated bead set posted today, just because I can:
Have a great weekend, all!!!! :)


Margaret said...

Ooooh, fun bead set! Love it!

I'm not worried about reading the chart for knitting. It's the working with two colors that gets me. lol! I need to sit down with someone sometime and just learn. Seriously. I'm so in love with your mittens.

Great farmer's market haul. Wow! You're so healthy! I should be more healthy. I do get some veg and fruit, but probably not as much as I should.

Beth said...

Looks like you have a wonderful Farmers' Market - what a great selection of produce! Love the newest beads too - extremely cute!

Annie said...

Those beads are just too cute with that googly-eyed ghost!

I'm with Margaret. Reading the chart is not problem. But twisting those colors and keeping them from tangling.. another thing entirely.

Enjoy your healthy haul!

valerie said...

My problem is I love farmers market and buy loads of stuff but never get around to eating all of it. How do you do it?! lol

Love your new beads!

Maggie said...

That is a lot of fruit and veg! i wish i was disciplined enough to eat more! We have a farmers market at two of the local towns every month or so, but the stuff is so expensive that normal people can;t afford to shop there, it would blow a whole week's budget if you were to! somehow that defeats the object of what a farmers market should be, it think.

Your mittens are fantastic, you deserve to be very proud of them :-)

Pumpkin said...

I don't know...those mittens look pretty complicated to me! LOL!

Oh yum! I could just eat that all up right now :o)

Cute beads!

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm with you on the fruit & veg! I love both but I love fruits more! Some days I think I eat too much fruit, and I have to remind myself to have some veggies too.

Great new beadies!