Thursday, August 18, 2011

I might have a mitten problem.

Well, and possibly a Halloween one. I get so jazzed up over doing Halloween beads I can't seem to stop tweaking and posting new stuff. lol

Angry Toad.

 I'm hoping it passes soon, like the flu, before I need a 12-step program or something.

I had a massive case of 'Second Sock Syndrome' aka SSS (and yes, it applies to more than just socks - basically anything you need to knit two of can bring on a debilitating case of SSS) after knitting the hubby's mitten so I decided the best medicine was to take a breather before starting the 2nd one. And that breather would consist of...........knitting a brand new mitten.

Because what's better to clear your palate than starting a whole new project?

Well, hello lover, aren't you a pretty lil thing. *wink* wink* wink*

I'm using this Twisted Fiber yarn that has LONG been languishing in my stash (October of 2006 to be exact) because the looooooong color shift properties never seem to fit any project. (I have started/stopped AT LEAST five different projects with this yarn over the years that I've owned it.) Well, I think I finally found a keeper, right? It pairs up quite nicely with this 'butter' colorway yarn from Cascade. Yum, yum.  

Now I just need to decide what to cast on for next. (Once I finish up that missing thumb where that hole is up there, of course. Thumbs. The bane of my existence. So tricky to keep neat. *sigh*) This one or that one? Or be completely devious and just start a sock project instead? *evil laugh*

Oh well. I don't need to decide right now. We're off to the farmer's market to make our near-weekly big cash donation to the locals. lol (I always go a little crazy there. Three kinds of cherry tomatoes! Corn! Blueberries! String beans! More more more!)


Annie said...

Your angry toad doesn't look angry... he just looks like he needs a hug (or maybe a kiss to turn him into a prince).

That sock looks so complicated to knit! The yarn if beautiful too. Your are just too talented.

Pumpkin said...

Omigosh, I just LOVE the colors in your new mittens :o)

valerie said...

I kinda agree with Annie on the toad.

Now the mitten...gorgeous! I can't even wrap my head around how you do the pattern with 2 different yarns. It seems very complicated!

Margaret said...

The toad is so cute!!! And I love that mitten! So gorgeous! Those colors! Yum!

Jenny said...

Oh my world - that mitten is superb! It looks so great that I almost wish that winter is here... LOL

Carol said...

What a gorgeous new mitten!! Good luck stitching the matching one :) You can do it!!

Catherine said...

Your mittens are beautiful!! The toad cracks me up...he looks like he swallowed a fly and didn't mean too!! Love him!

Jackie said...

No one says mittens (or socks) have to match!

You hit upon the perfect pattern/yarn combo! This mitten is gorgeous!

Sylvia said...

Wow, absolutely stunning - that angry toad - gotta have it!! LOL - actually its the glove - its really beautiful - not that the angry toad can't hold its own.

Nancy said...

Your Angry Toad is wonderful, and I love your mitten even if it does have a missing thumb! That is really pretty! Hope you found lots of goodies at the Farmer's Market - there is nothing like fresh fruit and vegetables!

Anonymous said...

I think your toad looks like he's holding his breath. LOL Maybe he's waiting for his princess.

Beautiful mitten.

geeky Heather said...!!!!!

KarenV said...

I *LOVE* those mitten colours! What a great combo. You're so clever with the colourwork and so incredibly neat - just beautiful!

(You've probably guessed by now that I'm in comment catch-up mode - sorry for clogging up your inbox ;) )