Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stay safe peoples!

To anyone in the path of Irene this weekend.

This, uh, would include us. lol
It's supposed to go over us sometime tomorrow morning with tropical storm status - not hurricane strength - but we'll see how much that difference means to all the trees hanging over our house, eh? o_0

I fully expect flooding of some sort in my basement at any rate because of the torrential rain. As long as it's not enough to hit the tiny carpeted area down there, I can deal with it though. It's when I have to work in a soggy, dead-froggy smelling work area and run the rug cleaner to suck it up hour after hour after hour that I start to lose my mind.

That said, I'm ever hopeful that we already hit our patch of 'bad luck' for the weekend when he lost the brakes on his car going to work yesterday. I mean, I'm already out $1,000 and the storm hasn't even hit yet so karma should be on our side? :)

In related news, I think our upcoming vacation is canceled. Boo hoo. :( We were planning to go to DC for 5 days but since we made those plans:

1) We noticed that was the week of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. (I was just looking at it as *our* 20th anniversary week at first, you know?) Hello extra security!
2) They got hit with an earthquake and some things we usually visit are now in flux down there.
3) The car we were going to take to drive down there just lost it's brakes in a dramatic 'oh my 2@#$@# god' type of way. (Note: this car has VERY VERY little miles on it so this was an odd thing.)
4) The car repairs are costing pretty much *exactly* what our hotel costs were going to be.
4) They are getting hit with a hurricane.
5) We are getting hit with a hurricane.

I'm kinda slow but...............I *think* the universe is trying to tell us something. lol

(I WAS going to run a special for the web site this weekend but seeing as I'm not sure if I'll have power come Monday morning to actually WORK on order, that will have to wait until the storm - literally - clears.)


Margaret said...

I'm nervous about this hurricane. You're probably farther inland than we are. We're maybe 50 miles north of NYC and we're under a hurricane warning. Ugh. Worrying about the huge trees around us, the flooding basement, etc etc. Knock on wood, it won't be bad. Please. :D

I can't believe that about the brakes on your car!!! Whoa!!!! How scary is that?! What a bummer about your vacation. Hey, join the crowd. We haven't taken one this year either, and it's just not happening. Sigh.

btw, to continue the stash discussion. I'm the same as you. Huge xs stash, huge quilt fabric stash, a bit of yarn stash too. I bet I beat you hands down. lol!

Theresa said...

Sorry to hear about your vacation..... But better safe then sorry, right? Maybe you guys can have an extra fun post anniversary vacation sometime later.

Hope Irene won't do too much damage on the east coast. Stay safe!!!!!

KarenV said...

Stay safe Melanie! The reports already coming in over here are scary!

Sorry about the brakes, what a nightmare - glad your DH is OK. Hope you don't get any storm damage this w/e.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the storm. We dodged the bullet here in Florida --- just a little extra rain, but not much wind.

Will be keeping you in our thoughts that the storm passes by without much disruption.

Jackie said...

Very scary about the brakes. So sorry you're canceling your trip though. So much going on it sounds like. Living in Florida, we're quite accustomed to the hurricane thing. My best advice is to be prepared and leave when they tell you to (if not before).

Happy Anniversary!

k9muttlover said...

Stay safe Melanie! I'll be sending you some pixie dust... you really have had some crapola luck lately!

valerie said...

Stay safe Melanie! I would seriously take earthquakes over this hurricane business!

Sylvia said...

I hope you are safe and dry. Flooding in the basement.... no fun at all. Hope you won't have to deal with it.

Sorry about the cancelled vacation - I just went through that :(. Its no fun. But hopefully down the road it will work out.

Leslie said...

Stay safe and dry my friend! Irene is a chatty girl ~ she's leaving us with a huge windy goodbye kiss!
Hope you have a good sunday

Pumpkin said...

I hope you made out okay. We're just going to get rain.

I hate to say it but to me, that's a whole lot of telling you not to go, there at least ;o)

Carol said...

I've been thinking about you, Melanie, and my CT relatives--very scary possible scenarios...

So sorry about the DC trip. My son just moved there and he's experienced an earthquake and a hurricane in the same week. Wonder if he regrets his choice to relocate there? Nah--he's 23 and to him everything's an adventure!

Take care now--and I hope the storm isn't too hard on your part of CT.

Annie said...

Hope you stay safe and the storm doesn't hurt too much. I'm in DC and we got a lot of rain, power outages and trees down, but it could have been so much worse.

Sorry you can't make a DC trip.. maybe another time.