Monday, November 01, 2010

The Stitches East show was fabulous!

Not that I had any doubts that it would be anything less than awesome, mind you. :)
In fact, it might be a little *too* awesome. lol
I honestly find it a little...........overwhelming. There is just soo soo sooo sooooooooooooooooooooo much stuff at this show. It's bordering on exhausting, mentally speaking, to take it all in within a few hours time. lol
I just love looking at all the colors, feeling all the different textures and all the different patterns but I'm kinda glad it only comes around once a year.

They are SUPER SERIOUS about No! Picture! Taking! Inside! The! Venue!!! but I tried taking a few pictures inside on the 'down low' while pretending to use my phone. Sssshhh! No telling on me!! (I totally get them not wanting people to take pictures of patterns because, duhhh, copyright infringment, etc. so I don't blame them but a picture while standing at the entrance???)

This first picture is from near the end of the convention center - you can see how far down the vendors/aisles go. (I think there were 10-11 aisles in all?) As far back as that goes - it's goes equally far back to the right. Did I mention this is a HUGE show? lol

I really know NOTHING at all about Hartford and, to be honest, I don't 'get' the downtown area where the convention center is. I'm used to Providence with it's huge influx of college students and influence, so lots of 'artsy' stores and shops, lots of traffic, lots of litter, just a lot of EVERYTHING. Downtown Hartford? Complete and utter ghost town on the weekend. There are a lot of tall buildings and absolutely ZERO people walking around. It just seems very odd to me. I know there is a huge urban area SURROUNDING downtown but the downtown area is dead, dead, and deader. Not much of interest there. 

HAVING SAID THAT,  East Hartford has a much more interesting 'flavor' to it that I like so we hopped on the highway after the show and went a couple exits down to spend some time there poking around the stores, including this one:
Some girls like shopping for shoes and purses - I like shopping for spices! It's real treat to get to go here in person vs. ordering online. (Do NOT ask me how much I spent here because it wasn't pretty. Oh no.)

And after shopping there was this FANTASTIC little deli:

The pastrami here is to die for. It's like a mouthgasm to beat all mouthgasms. NOM NOM NOM.

So what did I buy at the show? That will have to wait until the next post because I ran out of time with this. Heheheh. My sweet potatoes just finished cooking so it's time for supper. :)


Margaret said...

Oh meanie! lol! I want to see what you bought!! I wonder why they don't want pics taken. I would have loved to see pics!! Closer up pics. :D Thanks for taking pics on the sly -- at least we got a taste of the experience! Can't wait to see what you bought! (I love Providence! My friend lives in RI so she takes me there once in a blue moon.)

Melanie said...

Oh god, you have NO IDEA how no-no picture taking is here! One patron saw what I was doing and she had real FEAR in her eyes when she told me not to get caught. lolol

I only risked it from the outer edges of the show because I felt like if I did tried to do it closer up, someone might tackle to the ground or something. *snort*

Anonymous said...

We just got a Penzey's and right down the street is a Spice & Tea Exchange. SCORE!

Stitch By Stitch said...

I'm so excited about your visit to Penzey's! We just got one in Old Town Littleton:) Pure spice heaven

Sylvia said...

Can't wait to see what you came home with. I totally understand feeling overwhelmed by all the fabulous offerings - I get that way too Looks like it was tons of fun though. I love that spice shop - we had one where we lived, totally ueber-cool to go in there.

Pumpkin said...

Wow! It sure looks like there was a lot to see and buy at the show ;o)