Friday, October 29, 2010

Barlean's Mango Peach Omega Swirl

This stuff?

I *hate* taking fish pills because of their size and haven't been taking any for awhile - BAD ME! The ones we were taking actually INCREASED in size for some reason the next time we went to go buy some and I was like NOPE! NOT HAPPENING. I *hate* taking large pills, especially since the Choking Incident of Fall 2008. Buttttttt (<-- that's a big butt! lol) I know you SHOULD take it so when I came across a liquid form of it, I figured I would try it.

Not only does this stuff NOT taste fishy - it actually tastes GOOD.
It tastes just like a super-creamy peach sherbet to me. YUM!
(They have other flavors too.)
When I get done with this bottle (there are 43 servings in the 16oz size) I'm going to try the Orange Cream one next. *slurp*

So if you hate taking fish oil pills, get some of this! 


Anonymous said...

Where did you get it?

Melanie said...

I got mine from Amazon because I have a prime account with them so I get free 2 day shipping. I noticed a couple of other online sellers have it a bit cheaper if you do a price comparison for the 160z size on Google but I'm not sure if that factors in shipping or not. I'll probably do a little more research before I buy the next bottle to see what is cheaper. I was just so excited to try it so I went with the Amazon/2 day route. :)

Laurie said...

Really? No fishy burps? Dang, I might have to try some of this stuff.

Meredith said...

Whole Foods and other health food stores have it, if those are in your area. And I can HIGHLY recommend the blueberry pomegranate swirl! YUM!

Julie said...

Sounds lovely, dont think we have anything like that here in the UK?

Anonymous said...

I am so getting this! yay! I hate fish burps. *barf*