Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ahhhh, my poor neglected lil blog. *pets*

Time does get away from you sometimes, doesn't it? I don't know where the days go lately. We did manage to make our annual trek this weekend to the Country Folk Art show in Sturbridge, MA, though, in the end, it was a tiny bit depressing.  :(
 We've (meaning *I* want to go and he gets dragged along, albeit in a very good natured way) been going to that show (or it's twin show in November) for at least 12-13 years in a row now and and the large majority of artisans are the same, year after year. This year, with the economy being the way it is, half (!!!!!!) the people were gone and the show was much smaller. It was a little painful to see. I don't buy a TON of stuff from the show but I always find something I really like or something I needed. (Depending, of course, on  your definition of *need*. lol) The year I wanted to get a hutch, I found a perfect one there. Made by ACTUAL PEOPLE. That you could talk to, person to person. Ditto for a three shelf vegetable bin and lots of other little decorative things. None of those people showed up this year. It was very disheartening. It wasn't all bad though. My beloved Sydney & Co. (no link) was there, so that was nice. They are a married couple who do nice primitive woodwork items, with very reasonable prices, that I've been buying here and there since forever. The company is named after a cat they used to own and each piece is marked with the stamp of a paw print somewhere on the back or bottom of the item. :)

I just happened to break my paper towel holder last week and I found a perfect one from them to replace it. And then I saw some clocks waaaaay up high (remember: I'm only 5 ft tall so EVERYTHING is 'way up high') and I got one of those too. I've been meaning to replace my mantel clock for a looooong time, to something a little nicer and something that matches a little better. This one fits just perfectly with everything up there and I love it. (The paper towel holder, a standing one, is very similiar, except the tree on that is more of a weeping willow.) I also got some new place mats for my dining room table from another long-time vendor and then a few wee Blossom Bucket figurines that I love dearly. I'M DOING MY PART, PEOPLES, TO PROP UP THE ECONOMY. Y'ALL GOTTA HELP OUT WITH IT. lol We don't always go to both shows every year but I've marked the November one off as a 'do' and hopefully things will be a wee bit better then? It's nice to think it will be so anyway. :)

I also have 'encouraged' the husband to work through his grief by shopping..........specifically for things for me. (This is all tongue in cheek, of course.) It's only natural and organic to want to buy things for others in such circumstances, right? ;^) To that end, he bought me a new purse when we went to the mall last week to see a movie. I saw these the last time I was there (and we're not mall people, really, so we're talking 3-4 times a year tops) and should have grabbed it then. I know not everyone loves stripes. In bold colors even.
 But is it any wonder I fell in love with this considering the many, many, MANY striped socks I have knit? Kinda a given, right? Hahaha. It's like a stripey sock.......FOR MY SHOULDER. ;)

(I do believe the "D&G" on the front is supposed to be a faux rendering of a Dolce & Gabbana? Any one??? I fail as a 'girl' on all sorts of levels, so my only exposure to 'fashionable' purses is from what's on the shelf at the local Target. lolol It was only $40 and it looks good and holds all mah crap so I'm happy.)


valerie said...

The economy is definitely taking it's toll on those small businesses. I love your clock and the stripey socks!

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that at the local craft fairs in Orlando there are fewer vendors this year. But, I AM doing my part to support the local stitching economy when I can. :::wink:::

Your Jaywalkers look great and I love the purse AND the clock. Your husband did a good job picking out the purse!

Meadows08 said...

I think your purse is great. It's sad to hear about how many vendors didn't display their goods this year.

Carol said...

Looks like you're definitely doing your part to help the economy, Melanie. I am a clock nut--they're one of my favorite things to buy. And this one is a beauty! What a fun purse and socks, too :)