Saturday, June 12, 2010

You know what today is?

It WWKiP day! Or, errrrr, daysss. (It's more than one day now? You only get one day if you call it knit in public DAY, people! What kind of weird voodoo math is this? lol)

So what am I knitting in public today on the first day of Knit in Public, err, Day? Nothing actually. Today is pretty much like every day this week: starts off a little sunny, off/on showers in the afternoon. So everything stays a little wet and a little bit dreary. Not weather conducive to dragging wool yarn around, in other words.

I kept my 'rule' of only working on the NeverEnding Scarf of Doom this week.....with the side effect that I sat around the last three nights doing nothing other than giving it a fitful glance once and again because I so am TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY OVER knitting on this thing but I didn't want to 'cheat' and work on something else. So I did nothing instead. (Which I really hate. All that wasted time. I'm much too ADD to just sit and watch tv without my hands in motion working on a project.) Technically it's 'done' because you can look at it and it is clearly a scarf, but it is not done because it's not long enough. At least it's not long enough for me. I like to fold my scarves in half and then throw the two ends through the loop and wear them that way. You do that with this and you end up with two stumpy six inch tails - I like a looooooooooong scarf. But if I keep trying to knit on this any longer I might go COMPLETELY INSANE. So I thought maybe wet blocking it would 'release it' some and get a little extra length out of it.

Nope. Still not long enough. I really hoped that the math, reason and facts were all wrong and it would wet block into the long scarf of my dreams. NOPE.

So do I just call it day because it is *pretty* enough without any extra length..........knowing I probably won't like wearing it very much because it's too short or.........suck it up and try to knit some more to make it longer? Decisions, decisions. I can only complete one swirl an hour which is a maximum of three swirls per night of working on it (but more like only two) and you need three to complete the pattern. Each new row of swirls gives you approximately 4" of length. So basically I need to keep knitting until I'm a drooling half-mad fool because UGH UGH UGH I DON'T WANT TO WORK ON THIS ANYMORE. This is what sucks about being a process knitting: when the process SUCKS you just want to kick the whole project into a ball in some random, dusty, long forgotten corner of your house regardless of how asinine that is. This is what sucks about being a perfectionist: you can't possibly do the above without thinking you are a horrible, weak, immature person and you will be forever haunted by your failing. DAMN YOU SCARF, you will not defeat me. *shakes fists at the sky*

The colors are really pretty though *not coming across in this picture) and it feels very nice after a nice long soak in Soak. So..........there's that. I don't dislike the scarf or the pattern - I JUST HATE KNITTING THE DAMN THING. lol This casting on 60, binding it off, weave the ends in, cast on 60 so so tired of it. I'm dying for something you just knit back and forth or around and around - SOMETHING NORMAL.


KarenV said...

The colour is really very pretty. It would be a shame to call it done now and then forever dislike wearing it. Perhaps you could put it aside for a while, knit something less frustrating and then come back to it?

April Mechelle said...

It is do pretty !! I just found your blog and I visited you web site. Your beads are cute and so pretty. I will be back !

valerie said...

Wow, it looks beautiful! I can understand being frustrated with it but maybe you can work on a little small something and come back to this one to give yourself a little break!

corinna said...

yes..... it is definetly beautiful
looks pretty like as a table runner too----
never heard of knit in public day
will have to google it

Margaret said...

It's so beautiful! I like Valerie's advice. I keep eyeing your beads -- one of these days I'm getting me some! Knit in public day -- cool!

Pumpkin said...

Melanie, you are a beautiful knitter!!!! That scarf is just GORGEOUS! Please don't give up on it :o)

Who would have thought that my birthday was WWKip Day too? LOL!