Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Reading

It's been a bit of an emotionally exhausting week but I don't want to depress any one with all that so let's talk about something 'fluffy' instead.............namely BOOKS.

Is it too late in the season to talk about summer reading? IS it summer? Between the thunder/rain that comes in every other day and being so busy with bead work and Other Stuff, I'm not sure I've noticed! I'm still waiting for summer to start. lol

I finished up the Millennium Trilogy a couple weeks ago (wicked good..........and never, not once, no way, no how have I spelled Millennium without the help of spell check.......stupid brain, grr!). So sad there are to be no more of those. :( Any fiction lover should get their hands on these unless you have a weak stomach for violence. The violence isn't unrelenting but it's definitely edgy, much like Silence of the Lambs or something. So stay away if that isn't your thing.
I'm wanting to read the next Sookie Stackhouse book but the Kindle and I are not speaking in regards to the current pricing on this. *ahem* (I blame greedy publishers vs. Amazon for this. Why would you pay the same price as a hardcover for the digital version? OH THAT'S RIGHT - YOU WOULDN'T. I liked the Kindle much better when it first came out and pricing was more reasonable across the board, that's for sure.) So I'm waiting to catch this on discount/used and/or maybe waiting until the paperback comes out. (I know, I know......there is always the library but I like to reread the last in the series when the new ones come out or the tv show starts up again as a 'refresher course' so to speak. I am, admittedly, lazy and don't want to have to check them out over and over again. In that case, owning is better.)

What am I working on reading right now?
Ooo, this one is a little creepy, huh? I'm only halfway through and I think the comparisons to The Stand are very apt. This book doesn't seem as epic in scale (so far) but it's very good. Clever thing that about how it's about 'vampires', when those are so hot right now, but these aren't any vampires you want to see on any movie/tv screen. *shudder*  Wore the Kindle battery right out reading the first half. lolol Am currently waiting for it to be rejuiced to dig in some more.

The book after that one will be lighter in tone: I just bought this one based on the good write up it had in EW this week:

The first comment on that book review says it 'changed her life'??? Gotta give that a read. (Ok, so it helps that the pricing was good on this one too or I would have wish listed it where it would have languished for a couple years before I got to it.)

Beyond that I'm thinking a reread of some of (all?) the Harry Potter series might be in order to gear up for the last movie coming in November. Really get myself into it so when we get to the scene with Dobby and Shell Cottage I can be full out weeping. lol

Any other good suggestions? I'll pretty much read anything aside from nonfiction. (I'm very picky when it comes to those. Most of them bore me.) Low brow, high brow, trade stuff, don't care. I'll read it. :)


Marnie said...

Well, I'm still like 40/165 or something on the waiting list for the Sookie book via my local library. I'll probably get it around the same time the paperback comes out. haha

Melanie said...

Whoa!!!!!! That's some waiting list! Ouchers. :(

It seems like this one is a bit like the last one: lil loosey goosey with the plot lines, no one big story to tie everything together. I think she's running out of story for them.

Marnie said...

Not too surprised about the plot. Sometimes it is better to cut story lines off before you wear out your characters.

I will have to check out that Larsson series, though the violence spooks me a bit.

Pretty Things said...

I've read all the Millennium books and am just now reading The Passage! Great minds and all that!

Margaret said...

I'm hesitant about reading the Passage. I'm thinking about it. lol! I'm not a freak-out novel type person. I'm also pondering the Stiegg Larson books since everyone says they're good. I need a period of time where I can just sit and read since I've heard they're very suspenseful. Sigh....

Meadows08 said...

I love the Sookie books! So you watch the True Blood series on HBO?

Kajsa said...

I loved the stieg larsson books! Can't think of anything to recommend at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Dead in the Family was a major disappointment to me. You're not missing anything if you wait for it to come down in price.

Kellie C.

Permission to Unwind said...

My knitting hobby greatly diminishes my time for reading, although I do LOVE to do it. Your reading list looks exciting!

Siobhan said...

I started to listen to the first book in the Millenium series but it didn't catch me. I need to go back to it, or just read my daughter's paperback copy. I also need to check to make sure I'm on the list for the latest Sookie book!

I haven't been reading too much but read Karen White's Learning to Breathe. It was predictable but her books are always nice, comfy reads... like a pair of worn in shoes. I picked up Sue Grafton's Q is for Quarry to read; I hope it's not one that I've already read--I wish I'd not skipped around in that series!