Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday, Monday.

I will have a bunch of new things up in the Bead Shoppe this week. Maybe tomorrow but possibly on Wednesday. (The weather has been mostly dreary lately so picture taking is hit or miss.)

In the meantime, I have other sorts of eye candy to post to keep y'all interested. I saw this July 4th finish post on the Snippets and Stash blog the other day and got inspired to do up some red/white/blue pillows of my own. I had just finished up the two June Blackbird stockings and was looking for something new to work on, something quick and this worked out perfectly. Stitched up two new things (the same ones as she did) and dug two old ones out that I finished agesssssssssssssssss ago that matched and made up some super simple pillows out of them to put in the basket on my fireplace hearth for the summer.

Go me for being all industrious and shiz like that! (Though I shouldn't pat myself TOO hard on the back for that because I'm mostly in a OMG MUST STITCH mode at the moment because I'm avoiding knitting on the NeverEnding Scarf of Doom. Maybe more on that later this week. Grrrr.)

The Old Glory pattern is by Heart in Hand, using whatever WDW threads that appealed to me and a scrap of god-knows-what-kind-of-linen. The pillow on the right was stitched up so long ago I have absolutely no clue what's up with it. (Sorry! I'm oh-so-helpful with the details, aren't I? lol)

Ditto that on this star pattern. Where did it come from and when did I stitch it? No answers to either of that, I'm afraid. Did I really purchase a pattern for something so small or was it part of something larger? A freebie? Hmph. My disastrously awful long-term memory is not  helping me out here. The pattern on the right is a cute freebie from Aubry, using DMC threads.

And finally and 'upskirt' pic for those that are into that sort of thing. :)
Just random fabrics pulled out of my stash. I like the flag one the best as far as looks but it doesn't have a very nice 'feel' to it so it's perfect for something like this. No more stitching for me this week, I think, after this because I really do need to commit myself to finishing that damn scarf. Grrrrr.


KarenV said...

Wonderful finishes! They will make a lovely display on your hearth :)

corinna said...

where to begin
the goldfish and mickey mouse beads-amazing

the clown socks-YES!love em

loom pot holders-sweet memories

the yarns- gorgeous
and a round of loud applause for the patriotic stitches all pillowed up cute like!

oh and no cancer-the big winner!

let me think of some things for you to accomplish in any spare time you might find---you go girl!

Carol said...

Oh, I love every single one, Melanie! I really need to work on a patriotic finish for myself--you guys are really distracting me from finishing my latest WIP!!

Melanie said...

Thanks so much guys!!!!! :)

Sharlotte said...

Love all of those patriotic stitches!! Especially the one that I believe is Bent Creek. Very cute!! You are very talented with the glass beads!!!

Melissa said...

Melanie, these pillows are to die for! Do you ever sell them?!?!?