Tuesday, May 04, 2010

You see this yarn?

That my friends is the face of pure EVIL. Oh, I know - it looks nice enough. Lovely colors. Happy. Some might even say simple. But don't be fooled - it is pure EVIL. I was deceived by the devil bought this a few years ago and immediately set about knitting a pair of socks with it. But the pattern just didn't work for some reason. The colors were wrong, it was too twisty. It was too SOMETHING. It was all wrong. That happens sometimes - it's not always so easy to make a good marriage of yarn/pattern. So I tried another pattern. SAME THING HAPPENED. So I put the yarn away for a long while. I pulled it out again to give it another go. SAME PATTERN FAILURE. Now I was getting angry. Just what was WRONG with this yarn? Was it spun with evil FAIL fiber? Was it cursed? I didn't know so I put it away again. Flash forward to last November. I was again seduced into trying to work this yarn into something. I got halfway through the leg portion and it was just wrong, wrong, wrong. (Though this time it was clearly the pattern's fault. Turns out I hate doing a pattern that is heavy on the eyelet stitch.) So I left it until this spring. Where I took up ANOTHER pattern. (This would be the fifth try for those counting.) And it came out horrible. I just didn't get it. Looking at Ravelry, the pattern looked great. On my needles? TERRIBLE. I was just on the verge of throwing the whole shebang in the trash putting this yarn away again when I decided to try one final pattern. A pattern I'd queued ages and ages ago but had always wanted to knit up.
And this time......THIS TIME IT WORKED. It took me 3 socks worth of knitting, 6 patterns, and 3 years to finish up but behold:

(And now I'm afraid to wear them lest the EVIL come back and result in a tragic ripped hole accident or something. I might have to give these away as a present. lol)


corinna said...

give them away
oh you have a good heart

KarenV said...

Gorgeous! Glad you finally found the right pattern :)

Leslie said...

those socks are beautiful!!!!! Love them!

Nancy said...

I love your socks!

Carol said...

Wow--they are just beautiful, Melanie. I'm not a knitter at all so I'm even more impressed :)

Pretty Things said...

I have that with a skein of yarn and it's driven me to drink. It just. won't. work.

Melanie said...

We should have traded our evil yarn skeins, Lori! See if the evil followed it wherever it goes or what. lol