Friday, May 07, 2010

I should have some new beads up tomorrow.

Or maybe on Monday. *snort* But definitely one of those days because I have a bunch done up and they are just sitting here waiting to be 'released' into the wild. :) I need to get back to regular postings of things. Or at least try, right?

I started/finished up my first shawl this week. I didn't plan for this yarn (Noro Sock) to be a shawl but I bought it online and was pretty hateful towards it when it came in. It's way, way, waaaaaay too scratchy for socks. There is just no way anyone would want this anywhere near their feet. Ever. It's horrible as sock yarn. HORRIBLE. But, as always with Noro, the colors blends are just beautiful. So I did a little digging on Ravelry for other projects people had used it for and came up with this simple Feather and Fan shawl:

It's kind of on the 'mini' side as far as shawls go but that's fine because I don't know that my wardrobe of non-stop jeans/t-shirts really screams "NEEDS A SHAWL". I'm more of a scarf person. So I'm thinking of this more as an 'ample' scarf. A scarf with a little junk in the trunk, if you will. Course it's still horrible feeling so I'm not sure I even want it near my neck either..............but that's neither here nor there, I guess. lol Thank god I'm a process knitter so I don't get TOO hung up on finished results that aren't 'perfect'. You can't expect something too big out of one skein of sock yarn, you know? I was lucky in that I timed my repeats *jussssssssst* right because this how much yarn I had left over:
Pretty nifty, yes?

LOST was too spoiler-y too even mention anything about it so I'll just say I felt like this at the end of this week's episode and leave it at that:
Have a great weekend, y'all!! :)


KarenV said...

That shawl is so pretty! Love the colours in the sock yarn. Perhaps it will be softer after it's been washed?

Walden said...

I love this last season of Lost! I have to watch in online though :(

Victoria said...

Beautiful shawl!

Leslie said...

The shall is lovely!! One of these days I will learn how to do that.
Happy mothers day

Melanie said...

Thanks, guys!!

@KarenV - I did wash it, with Soak. It softened up.........a bit. I bet their silk garden sock yarn is a lot better feeling. This one is too high in nylon for me or something.

corinna said...

oh clapping hands to face cheeks
what a pretty shawl
i wanna make a shawl!- as soon as i get sock #2 off the needles
(hearing slow violins playing in the background)
and i love* love* that you used up almost all your skein....super!

i will go review to see if it mentions scarf pattern site


Margaret said...

Beautiful shawl! I know what you mean by Noro..It's scratchy and sometimes full of plant material, but ohhh the colors...

Melanie said...

Here is a link for the pattern Corinna (or anybody else who wants it, of course):

Free pattern, very very easy to follow. I've never done a shawl before and found this to be a great starter one so don't be afraid to jump in!