Tuesday, March 30, 2010


 There, I feel a little better ONLY NOT REALLY.
The water is just bubbling up now downstairs in between the tiles all over the place and the rug half of the room (where I do my torching) is soaked soaked soaked. A soggy squishy drippy mess. It's disgusting. I keep running the rug machine over it to suck it up but it makes no difference. You can literally do it for an hour, get a couple gallons out of it, and the water doesn't ever stop coming. I'm waiting for him to come home from work so we can wrestle the 234234234 lb. solid oak entertainment center onto wood blocks or something because that's in the process of sucking up water too. *YOU* CAN SUCK IT  MOTHER NATURE.

And to add insult to injury, after I started having my current freak out about the state of things downstairs, Nitwit came along and puked twice right in the middle of things. (I refrained from kicking her but will admit to screaming I HATE YOU I HATE YOU HATE YOU HATE YOU like a banshee at her. What? Don't look at me like that - it's not like she UNDERSTANDS ENGLISH. If that's not working for her I can harness her to top of the rug machine and she can SHARE THE WORKLOAD with me instead.)

I have orders to do too and I'll be damned if I'm going to be cowed by no freaking water so I have to suck it up (HARDY HAR HARRRRRR) and work in the midst of it. If I don't post again after this it's because I electrocuted myself. ACCIDENTALLY OR ON PURPOSE - YOU BE THE JUDGE.


Pretty Things said...

I'm hating the rain, too, because it's making my migraines that much worse. BLECK! And to think I used to like it!

The Anything Place said...

I like rain but only when I'm sleeping listening to it.

It does get annoying on nice days outside

Melanie said...

I like it in SMALL amounts but this is ridiculous. :(