Friday, February 12, 2010


 I was doing *so* well with the regular blog entries there and then...........I fell off the wagon and now it's been over a week, A WEEK!!!!, since I've been around. For shame. It's mostly not even my fault. We've just hit the part of winter where I seem to slip into a coma. It's hard to write blog entries when you're in a coma, y'all. Just saying!!! So tired of snow, and cold, and dryness, and darkness, and dry skin, and snow, and this house, and........zzzzzzz. <--See? COMA.
There is big ball of fiery brightness out in the sky today that's, like, SHINING ON ME and in MY EYES and stuff, and it burns and makes me want to sleep even more. lolol
And I'm tired of people saying spring is around the corner because around here? Not so much. The trees don't even fill in completely until the END OF MAY.
Where's my 911 waaaaaaaaaambulance to cure me of my pathological state of whinehood?
Oh here he is:

Hmph. Anyhoo. I *will* be working on new beads this weekend, the work, it goes so slowly at the moment. *yawn* But I do need to buckle down, eh? I've been much more productive at night on non-bead stuff while watching tv. I finally finally finally finally finally finished up the 'finishing' on the batch of the Blackbird stockings I stitched up during November/December. (With the exception of the umbrella one - that one I stitched up last week.)

I'm determined to finish every last one of these up, all 36 of them, OH YES I WILL. With this latest batch done, I'm now up to................May. Ugh. So so so many months left to go. lol
I need to take a short break from it though for the moment because I signed up for a pin pillow exchange on Becky Bee's blog and I need to get that ready and mailed before the end of next month. (Not that it will take me that long to finish but I want to do it early enough to cover any 'issues' that may come up with  mailing because that would be my luck and I don't want to end up on the Blog of Shame for not completing it on time. Nooooooo, no no! Will not do. :))

And I started up my swirl scarf last night (for which I bought all the stuff for last October) but it's crap and I have to start over. BUT THAT'S OKAY. No, really. For one thing, the yarn is not changing colors as fast as I thought it would so I'm going to have alternate the colors manually for each swirl that I start vs. letting the yarn do it naturally. (Not at all difficult to change because each swirl is knit separate and then the yarn is cut to start another one. So instead of using the same skein, like I started doing, I'll rotate between the five skeins that I have to get a different coloration going for each swirl.) Also, I wasn't happy with the cast-on because I wasn't exactly sure how to do it and FAR BE IT FOR ME TO GET OFF MY LAZY ASS TO GOOGLE THAT SHIT BEFORE STARTING FOR REAL, so I winged it and it's, uhh, not so good. Too fiddly and too floppy and more than a little sloppy. But I know how to do it the right way NOW and, even better, since I purchased the yarn for this the Yarn Harlot knit/blogged about this same project last month or so which means 123412341234123 people were drawn to it because of her and I now have a gazillion brains to pick on Ravelry vs. the 10 or so brave souls who had finished it back in October. Basically, I can gather up all their tips  that they learned from their mistakes and HOPEFULLY not make so many of my own.  It's not as bad as all that though, so far. The swirls themselves, once you get past the hinky cast on, are ridiculously easy and quick to knit up. ONWARD I SAY!

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