Thursday, January 07, 2010

Spiralbound for you.

Thanks for keeping me busy this week with the bead orders!! It's a nice way to start the year. Productive, feeling wanted. *sniff* I was never going to jump on the health resolution band wagon so I'll take productive instead. It's no sloppy seconds. :)

Did you know you can take a book to Staples and have it spiral bound for a small fee? I totally forgot that you can have this done until a knit blogger mentioned it the other day!! I've been meaning to do this to a lot of my knitting books, you know, just one here and there. I was going out to that plaza last night so I grabbed this one to be done.

Very nifty. This one only cost me $5 but each book is different depending on it's size. It's very very handy for knitting books that have charted patterns, cook books, any sort of tutorial book. Being able to flip it open and lay it flat? A VERY GOOD THING!! Be sure to keep it mind next time you are struggling with keeping a cook book open or something. :)

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