Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year, new beads!

Go me for starting the year off with at least a stab at productivity after taking a few weeks off. (I figure this kind of thing can only last about a month before I lose steam though. I mean new beads, new Etsy *and* a giveaway all in one fell swoop? Mark the date because it may never happen again. lol)

I've got a few new things up in the Bead Shoppe (though, admittedly, not as many as I hoped but there is always next week):

I also had a good time sorting through my bead box to come up with some sets to offer up at huge discounts. (And I do mean HUGE.) I put them all up on Etsy because these are all 'one offs' i.e. no redos on these. (And, as always, I will combine the shipping if you have more than one order. One shipping charge covers everything!)

Buy Handmade

And something new for this month - a GIVEAWAY. Because we all like free stuff. Spend $35 or more over the course of the entire month and you will be entered into a free giveaway for this little set:

No need to keep track of anything or send me an email on it, etc. I'll tally everything up on the 1st of February and contact you by your Paypal email to let you know you won. (International customers are also included!)

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