Saturday, January 02, 2010

Meatballs, anyone? :)

Most people start off the year with renewed vows or interest in eating healthy, losing weight, going to the gym more often, etc.

Me? I started it off by making lots of meatballs. LOTS of meatballs. Like 100+ meatballs. Using ground beef.............................and pork. Because they just ain't good eats unless they have a little porkiness in there. Though, in my defense, we aren't actually EATING the meatballs just yet. I froze them all in individual food saver packs for when I want a quick supper and/or don't feel like cooking. (I also made quart containers of sauce to go with them.)

I'm not one for resolutions any way other than a generic type of 'simplify simplify simplify' one. Once the Xmas stuff is packed away (done yesterday) I start getting twitchy and look around for other things to simplify. So far, I've simplified my internet 'life' a little by deleting over 1,000 Facebook 'friends'. So if you got deleted recently, don't take it personally. It was all getting to be a bit much and I decided it needed to be brought down to more manageable numbers. Because the way it was, I never looked at a damn thing on there any more because there was too much going on and I didn't feel like wading through hundreds of posts just to get to a few that interested me. So I whacked away at it until I got down to around 240 and I'm still trimming here and there as I go. And I have to say - it feels REALLY REALLY GOOD. (And part of this was the changes FB has made to the newsfeed in recent months. I really don't give a crap to wade through post after post of who friended who, who fan paged what, or hit 'like' on something. Why did they start adding EVERYTHING to your feed? Next up, I expect to see it give you a notice when someone farts! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! So annoying.)

Next up: I have to whack away at the 'leftovers' of the handmade Xmas presents/projects piled up on my hearth. Leftover balls of yarns, loose patterns, etc. And I have a pile (A PILE!!!) of needle worked ornaments that need to be sewn up into something that you can actually HANG from a tree. (A tree that is now packed up until next December. lol)

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