Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Recipe - Flank Steak Lo Mein


(pic is from above link)

Or sorta new because I've certainly done a lo mein or three in the past. But I've always done them with pork or chicken, never with flank steak. I do loves me some flank steak though. Broiled, grilled, slow-cooked, bbq'ed and shredded, you name it, this cut of steak is goooooood eats which says a lot because I'm not big on steak in general.

I have a bookmark folder called 'Recipes to Try' that's, ohhh, about 3 pages long and I like to browse it now and again for inspiration. This one caught my eye this week because I had a flank stank defrosted and a red pepper to use up. The steak was unbelievably tender and came out tasting like teriyaki - but really GOOD teriyaki. Not that gloppy, overly sweet stuff you sometimes get.

Mods: None to speak of other than the fact that I didn't measure anything. lol When it comes to asian style cooking, I know what I like and just eyeball it at this point. In addition to the red pepper, I added broccoli and thinly sliced onions for the veggies. And a plop of sambal oelek for a little heat. Oh, and a little sesame oil. Just a tiny bit though. :)

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