Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hello lover.......................*blink*blink*

The two of us didn't bother exchanging Xmas presents** this year (just like I didn't bother with Xmas cards.....sorry about that *cough*) but we managed to be gifted something we almost bought for ourselves by lucky happenstance: a Keurig brewing system.

I don't drink coffee but I do loves my chai and regular teas and wooooooooboy is this machine kinda neato. I was a little dubious of a coffee machine making good tea but it's actually pretty damn tasty. (Note: I'm not a tea snob. I go for the bagged stuff as well as the loose tea and it matters not to me which it is. All good. :)) Is it a whole lot less work than nuking a mug of water for 3 minutes and plopping a tea bag in? Maybe not but that's not nearly as FUN as shooting out a ready made mug of tea in a few seconds. And the Green Mountain Chai Tea is spot on. Maybe a tiny bit less rich than the Big Train chai I usually buy but, all in all, very yummy chai. Two thumbs up! :)

**I did, of course, insist on him getting me something for my BIRTHDAY though (which is a few days before Xmas). Forgetting my birthday is always unacceptable. *grin* To that end, I got a nice pair of too-expensive-for-me-to-buy-for-myself-without-guilt shoes I'd been drooling over for a few months and he cleaned out my Knitpicks wish list. Two thumbs up on this as well! lol

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