Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Out with the old....

And in with the new...

Who knew I had so many stitches for Valentine's? I was pleasantly surprised when I went digging to switch out my little basket here!

They might have to stay in there for quite some time though because I really have nothing for spring time smalls. Not sure how that happened either (I don't hate rabbits?!? Or spring flowers?!?) but I might have to buckle down and get some finishing done if I want to keep up with this basket this year. :)

I am perpetually out of sync with the seasons with my projects though.

Case in point I *just* finished this little guy I started last Thanksgiving. 

Well, I'm all set for NEXT Thanksgiving, I guess.  It really was delusional of me to think I would get it done for last year, seeing as I started it just a few days before the holiday. This is only the second biscornu I've done, which is a shame because they are super easy to do.

(Designer is Barbara Ana, which you could probably guess because she has a distinctive look.)

Getting anything done the last few weeks has been difficult as there has been a literal plague hitting my house. We got a bad batch of cat food (I believe) and ALL FOUR CATS were violently ill in turn for days at a time. It was disgusting but, thankfully, they all seem to have come through it okay. (I think it helped that I mix two foods together so they didn't eat a full portion of whatever one was tainted.)

Then we went to see Fleetwood Mac, which was amazing - until I came down with the flu about 48 hours later. Dirty, dirty public places! UGH! I should have covered myself in Purell every time I touched a handrail. My bad. :(

I promptly gave it to the husband, of course, but at least he was about 4 days behind me so we didn't both have a high fever at the SAME time. That would have been real bad with both of us flat-out in bed at the same time. Heh. 

Man though, when does the nagging cough end? It's been almost two weeks now and I'm still sipping the prescription cough medicine like it's a crack pipe. *cough*cough*cough* So annoying. 

On the upside, you can't catch the flu twice............right? God, PLEASE TELL ME you can't catch it twice. :(


valerie said...

Ugh! I hope you feel 100% soon. I had the flu too and I still have a cough and have sick girl lungs. Love your Valentine's Day bowl. Do you know that the heart one is with all the colorful hearts? So fun! Love the turkey day biscornu too. Barbara Ana designs look like so much fun!

Maggie said...

Poor you, hope the meds start working soon, coughs always seem to linger the longest don't they?
Your smalls basket is great, I don't think i've got anything apart from Christmas that is seasonal!

Love the Biscornu, they are lovely and were all over blog land at one time, not so much now which is a shame.

So jealous of you seeing Fleetwood Mac, I almost went once but DD#3 had a Christmas concert on the same night so DH went on his own, I went to see DD, lol

Feel better soon x

Cindy's Stitching said...

Sorry about the flu. The biscornu Is oretty. Nice basket display.

Annie said...

Sorry to see the cute little snowmen dolls go away. But maybe they will take all the Northeast snow with them! Nice collection of Valentine cuties.

Love the Barbara Ana biscornu. I'd keep it out all year long if I stitched it!

Sorry you had to deal with the cat issue. You are a dedicated Mommy.

And flu is just no fun at all. Those coughs and tiredness can really hang on. Hope you'll be good as new soon.

Margaret said...

Oh yuck. Hate the flu. Try both husband and wife being sick while both kids are sick too. lol! That's what happened to us when the kids were tiny. DH and I alternated sitting up with the kids while being miserable while the other got to be in bed for a while. I think I've never gotten over that. DH saying he thinks he's sick strikes terror in my heart to this day. lol! (As for the cats, OMG. That's awful!)

Vickie said...

What a fantastic biscornu.
Yep. Had that nasty flu. My cough lasted almost one stinking month.

Maggee said...

So sorry to hear YOU are sick still! YOU get better soon! I like your basket of smalls... I have three Valentine/Love pieces out on display...mot enough for a basket yet. I like your one with hearts all over it! Think I have that pattern somewhere... I really enjoy stitching and making biscornus. Try a 15 sided one next... Hugs!

Robin said...

Your February basket looks great! I, too, would be interested in knowing about the one with hearts all over it.

Hope you are back to your healthy self soon!

Robin in Virginia

Honeybee said...

Sounds like it's been dreadful at your house! :O(

On a happy note, your biscornu turned out great! Feel better soon!

PS: More kitteh pictures! ;O)

Beth said...

Oh, you've committed the stitching sin of "Stitching Out of Season"! My sister is ALWAYS after me about that - ha! Your basket is lovely and biscorns - what is there you can't do?!?!?

Julie said...

Looooove Fleetwood Mac, how wonderful you went to see them.
Cute little biscornu and your valentine basket looks so pretty.
Hope you are soon rid of the germs, they do hang around, still got mine and its been almost 3 weeks now (but I do know a lady who has had it for 9 weeks, she must have different germs to me... she must! she must!).
{get well hugs} x

Roberta said...

That nasty flu bug seems to be everywhere, glad you are feeling better. Love the the bowl of loves and the biscornu is so cute.

Carol said...

Ugh! The flu on top of four sick kitties :( I can't even imagine!! I don't think you can get it again, but who knows. Tell me about dirty public places--with all the germs I come in contact with at the library, it's a wonder I'm not sick constantly.

Love your basket of February cuties, Melanie--I didn't even get mine out yet. Talk about being behind :) Maybe today!

Love the Oprah "You get the flu" picture--too funny!

Seriously, I hope you and your husband feel 100% very soon. Take care now...

Jackie said...

Having 4 sick kitties sounds like just as much work as having 4 kids sick at the same time. Ugh!

I hope you're both better soon. I'd love to see Fleetwood Mac but I'm not sure it's worth getting sick.

Your basket is beautiful! Spring will be here soon. Our maple tree has already filled back up with leaves.

Anonymous said...

Love all your smalls.

Hope by now you are feeling better.

BTW --- I'm out of sync too. I'm doing the roly-poly snowman that is in your basket.