Friday, December 20, 2013

FA LA LA LAaaaAAaaaa!

 It's official. I am done with work until the New Year. 
*happy sigh*

Not a moment too soon, either! Just no idea where the last four weeks have gone. :(

Bless anyone who doesn't get a small break for the holidays. It's all so overwhelming.

For my first day of workless bliss (today) I had to deal with some Serious Business straight away before I got the BEAUTY POLICE, that is. The mani/pedi situation was a tragedy. Let us not speak of it again. *ahem* I feel so much better now that that is taken care of*.  (It's crazy but true! lol)

 Tomorrow I have to beat back the dust balls in the house and, umm, decorate a little for Christmas? UGH. So late this year

Hanging out in the hoodie. If you look closely you can see his tongue sticking out. Silly goose.
We went back and forth - and forth and back - on the tree. We love having a tree. 
Do not love: cats knocking over trees. Or climbing trees. Eating trees? Pretty much anything cat + tree = BAD. 
I'm already tired of playing Mean Mommy to Fitz's daytime antics (get down from there! don't scratch that! get out of there! don't go in there!, etc.). I don't think my nerves could handle him AND a tree this year. He's still too, ummmm, rambunctious? He *is* the very definition of 'boy' at the moment. (But cute!) Hopefully next year, when he is older, it will be better. So........we'll miss the tree this year but I think it's best we don't put it up. I can still put some garland up on the stairway and hang a few things from that. (Can't do lights in that area though, which is a bummer.) I feel bad for waiting so long to get to it but we are traveling out to people for Christmas this year so I don't need to go crazy if I'm not entertaining here either, I guess.

THANKFULLY, I am golden on the gift buying. (THANK YOU INTERNETS.) Just need a few details in the gift wrapping department to finish that up. WHEW. 

Okay so after all THAT, *then* I can do something naughty like...........sit for a long stretch of time and read a book? Actually get some knitting done? Or stitching?  Hell, I'll take blankly staring at the wall like a zombie at this point. It's enough that I have TIME to do it without the stress of any work hanging over me everyday.  :)

 I didn't get any knitting done for the holidays this year (yikes) but.........the husband has been going like gangbusters through my yarn stash, weaving scarves for gifts. (There is one more to photo as well.)
I like each one better than the last and it's so great to see more of my yarn come out of retirement the stash boxes and be used up. 

 The brown one? This one is mine because it matches my winter jacket. YUM.
The weft (goes 'weft to right) is in done in Alchemy Yarns which I *think* I got from a sock club package? Anyhoo, the colors on this are divine. I *love* this kind of 'fall inspired' color combo.
The warp (length) is a tan Opal yarn and worked very nicely as the hardly-seen-but-still-important-background.

I rooted around my phone/ipad pics to see what *I* have finished lately and all I came up with is a Halloween finish from a couple weeks ago. :(

It's quite a nice one though! 
Silver Creek Samplers, JCS 2013 Halloween book. 
On.......40 ct maybe? Something small like that, at any rate. 

I messed up at the very very end. Literally. Annoying. Last thing to do on it was the crow and didn't notice until I was done that he was supposed to be perched on the bottom of the 'L', not the top. GRRrrrrr! I chose to EMBRACE my take on it (read: just get 'er done) and did an extra leaf where he was *supposed* to go. I love the little leaves on this so one more is just fine by me. :)

I feel bad for never posting pics of Livvy too but I swear to god she's IMPOSSIBLE to photograph. She LOSES HER MIND everytime I grab my phone to snap a pic and all I end up with is blurry blurry blurry gray messes or something like this:
Because that's a ladylike pose. Hello, crazy eyes!

Wait, wait, I dug around some more. Finally. One good one. It's a Christmas miracle. 

Well, hopefully I get a chance to post more often now so I don't run on and on like this anymore. It's exhausting to read, I'm sure. If I don't though, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone!  :)

*(Also, I lasered the crap out of myself with my laser gun but y'all probably aren't interested in that unless you want to hear about how fricking_painful_it_is to have a good laugh at my expense because I PAID $$$ to do this to myself. I literally scream out approximately 3,815 obscenities per leg. At LEAST.  It's like electrocuting yourself. Over and over and over again.)


Jackie said...

You are definitely getting the stink eye in that last picture! She sure is a beauty though. Fitz is rather handsome too.

It sounds like a 2 week break from work is exactly what you need. I hope you find time to do the things you want to do instead of spending it on those things that piled up (or at least that is my experience when work is insane).

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh ... the laser thing had me ROFL.

I feel your pain. I was in a store minding my own business (i.e. looking at cosmetics) when my friend decided to use an EpiLady on my arm.

Holy mother of Jesus that HURTS!!!

P.S. Surprisingly ...she IS still my friend. LOL

Margaret said...

lol! That pic of Livvy is hysterical! lol! And Fitz -- naughty boy. I can see getting no Christmas tree. We have been lucky with Mia. She is very good about the tree, and knock on wood, she will continue to be. Great stuff on husband weaving away! I'm envious! Glad you have a break from work now and can relax. Love the Halloween finish. Happy Christmas! And put that laser gun away please. lol!

Annie said...

Like the internet Grumpy cat!

Electrocuting yourself is not good, but it is the season for spark(les)!

Your DH has really embraced this weaving thing. Looks like super warm scarves.

Get some rest and have a very merry holiday season!

Vickie said...

Great work by hubby and you!
Oh my goodness on the laser girl! Yikes! God bless you this Christmas Melanie.

Maggee said...

Wow--the scarves that your husband has made are terrific! That is so great! So, since you are off now, RELAX, stay away from lasers, and put up decorations on mantels and/or tables that won't break if accidentally nudged by a curious kitty! Enjoy your well earned time off, and have a Blessed Christmas! Hugs!

Julie said...

Gorgeous collection of scarves.
Enjoy the festive season, have fun!

Penny said...

I can relate to so much of your post. :) It is definitely difficult to combine cats and Christmas trees. I discovered the other day that cat whiskers and tree sap don't mix. :) They have been known to eat garland too. Gorgeous scarves! Cute Halloween finish! And you have two of the cutest kitties - such innocent little faces. Enjoy your break and I have to agree with others - no more of the laser! :)

Carol said...

I think you made the right decision to not put up a tree this year, Melanie--no sense in being upset with those sweet kitties as they try to tear it down day after day :) They are both so cute--love the ride in the hoodie!

And your husband is creative, too--wow, you lucky girl! Those scarves are amazing!! Mine can only create a new kind of beer :(

Love your Halloween piece--haven't seen that one before. Especially love it because it's small!!

Well, Miss Melanie--you take full advantage of your time off and RELAX!! You well deserve it. If I don't "talk" to you before the big day--have a joyful Christmas. Give the kitties an extra big hug from Aunt Carol :)

Anne said...

Lol! What a great post Melanie!! I'm like you, getting tired of telling off my naughty kitty too! He's not too bad, but he has been batting at ornments, breaking off pieces of garland and playing with the tree skirt. Sigh. Wow, didn't know your hubby was a weaver. Those scarves are amazing. So glad you can keep one! Well, I hope you had a wonderful christmas and are spending some time staring at a wall zombie-like or stitching to your hearts content!! Hugs!

Anne said...

PS...loove the cat photos!!

Catherine said...

Finally trying to catch up on some blog reading! I so understand your situation with the kitties and the tree! They are adorable ~ love the crazy eyes pic! I hope you have been enjoying your time and have recovered from the laser ~ yikes! Oh, and I am in love with those scarves your hubby has been making!!