Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Hobby.

But not for me! For the hubby. :)

Last week we made the (2hr) trip up to Northhampton, Masschusetts to the much-loved and always-awesome WEBS yarn store so he could take a 2 day class in......

WEAVING. Specifically weaving on a Rigid Heddle loom. 

He's always wanted to try it out and the basic class they offer is a good way to figure out if you like it or not. They provide the loom and most materials to take the class and a Rigid Heddle isn't too expensive an investment, as far as looms go, if you decide you want to continue on with it. (Very easy to store as well because it folds in half!)

Northampton is a college-y New England town and we were blessed with the most glorious fall weather while we were up there so I got to spend a lot of time walking around town, enjoying the fall weather and colors while he is in class. The Yarn Harlot was teaching classes all day there at the same time so I even got to bump into her - in the doorway of the restroom at WEBS. Because OF COURSE that is where I would literally bump into her. No nice conversation over yarn for me, just HEY LOOK........bathroom?

I didn't spend too much time in WEBS myself  but the time I did spend there was pretty neat - as far as customer watching. I never get tired of seeing what projects/yarn people are hunting for. :) They had 3-4 registers going, almost the entire time I was there, which is pretty nuts for a YARN STORE, you know? SUCH a busy place! I love it. The Freia yarn above is the only yarn I bought while I was there so I WAS REALLY GOOD, too, as far as that goes!! :)

Anyhoo. I hope he sticks with it...........I have dreams of woven cotton dishcloths and plaid scarves..and lots of stuff for ME *fingers crossed* Wait. No, no, no, I mean I hope he's happy and has fun with it. That's what I meant. *ahem*

This brown scarf is the first thing he worked on at home, made out of, I have to say, TRULY TERRIBLE yarn. Yarn I should have thrown out long ago but the colors are pretty so I never got around to it. (I did a pair of socks in another colorway in this stuff and had to THROW THEM OUT after *one* wearing because the yarn was THAT felty and awful to wear.) It looks great but I'm still throwing major shade and side eye at it because I just know that sucker is going to felt if worn out in wet or snowy weather. :(

Oh well. If it felts, it felts. He needs to do a bunch of basic scarves to work on his tension and stuff anyway. I'm always happy to share my yarn stash, too. Maybe not ALL of my yarn because I have a few favs that are too near-and-dear - but MOST of my yarn is up for grabs at any rate. It is an interesting thing, weaving. I could see me doing it but you can only have so many hobbies so I'll leave this one all to him. :)

I've been busy busy with bead orders lately but I've been TRYING to squeeze out a little time here and there to do a few new things as well. To that end, I've uploaded some new stuff over the last few days:

Fingers are totally frozen now putting this post together. Whew. Need to go do dishes or something to warm them up!! :) :)


Anonymous said...

Oooooo, Freia is really pretty. You'll have to keep that one for yourself.

Good luck to your hubby with the weaving. Looks like he is already doing a pretty great job of it.

Beth said...

Perfect hobby for the hubby...as you noted it has great gift potential! Nice new crop of beads you have there!

Margaret said...

OMG, so so cool! I used to weave. Once upon a time. Long long ago in a galaxy -- ahem. Anyway, I hope he continues with it. So exciting! I agree with you -- stuff for you! lol! Love your new beads too! Too bad I'm supposed to be good. :( Might take a peek anyway.

Margaret said...

Forgot to say -- bumping into Yarn Harlot anywhere is really cool!

Annie said...

what a great fall excursion! Did your hubby enjoy the class? Are you going to invest in the loom?

Your new beads are just melting my heart. Hope your body is holding up so you can make enough!

Vickie said...

Oh my you have been busy! Sweet.
What a cool hobby for your hubby.

Julie said...

How exciting, a hubby that can weave, so cool!
Loving the new yarn stash.

Carol said...

That is so neat that you have a husband with a creative bent, Melanie! The most creative thing mine does is brewing his own beer!! I hope he continues to enjoy the weaving--you'll certainly benefit from his new hobby :)

Love your latest beads--amazing at how you can get such detail on such tiny pieces of glass!!

There is nothing like New England in the fall--so glad your trip to Northampton was such fun!

Jackie said...

Too funny about bumping into Stephanie in the bathroom! Not ideal to be sure. I can only imagine what Webs is like, it might even be overwhelming!

Maggee said...

Hello! Looks like a great town to visit! If I had not gone to Myrtle Beach two weeks ago, I would have gone up to Orange County, Va where the apple orchards and Blue Ridge Mountains are... perfect time for picking, sampling, music, art, and fun! Maybe next year! I saw your comment about coming down here for the next DTS Retreat--we should do lunch while you are here! Love to! Hugs!

Catherine said...

How fun to try something new ~ you may be getting lots of scarves for Christmas!