Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 Well, that's that. For now, at least.
I'm all squared out on knitting squares for a while. I do like dabbling in some mindless knitting for a bit but it does lose it's appeal at some point and then it's time to move on to something more challenging.

I now have17 new squares to add to the stack in this endless, never going to be finished, blanket.
(I think that brings me up to 65 now?) I'm in NO danger of running out of yarn scraps any time soon either - even after knitting up all these squares I still have a GIGANTO-HUGE bag of them left. It's like a magical bag of yarn that constantly refills itself when I'm not looking. (Something that would be better served if it were food..........or money. lol)

It's pretty crazy for me to only have finished a single pair of socks done at this point in the year (I usually have 3-4 pairs done by now) so I drug out this Cheetos-inspired orange yarn for a pair of socks. I'm going easy on it so far though so my hand doesn't start getting cranky. :(

Do you Hobby Lobby? I've always heard it's a great store to browse and I finally made it to the one that opened near here this winter. (Iif you consider 45 minutes away 'near' - which I do because I have to drive that far for everything that is good.) It felt very old school 90's craft store-ish to me in the sense that it carries everything that was ever made in the history of making things to sell at a craft store. But a lot more organized. And clean. (If that makes sense? It might just be me, but I've done a lot of shopping over the years at local craft stores that were like treasure hunts trying to find what you wanted, everything stacked up in piles, year after year. You never knew what you find. Each aisle was a mystery. lol)

Anyhoo, I wasn't there for any particular reason so all I ended up with is a cute polka dotted bundle of fabric quarters (perfect for small finishes) and an adorable little needle tin with old-timey stitching motives on it.  (Oh sure, there was more I *could* have purchased but I was trying to be good.) 

Unfortunately, that store is situated right next to a Joann's AND a Michaels so I'm going to be faced with an uncomfortable choice when I'm in that area again. Joann and I are pretty tight bff's and I've actually DATED Michael (read: I worked at one in the 90's). Not sure I can dump them for the flashy new Miss Hobby, even if she is pretty tricked out. lol


Leslie said...

I work at michaels.... and i love shopping at hobby lobby!!! I think that i may have to visit ours soon. (Its about 25 miles from me)
Your squares are looking good.

Vickie said...

Nice Melanie! JoAnn is right by me, that's my favorite. Then Michael's. Hobby Lobby I love. But it is rather far away.

Anonymous said...

We have all three and I find each one has something special to offer. I never thought about browsing the fabric aisle at HL though. I think I'll have to go take a look.

The squares look GREAT. I think I'll restart mine. ;-)

Annie said...

Three craft/sewing stores so close together! Lucky you. We don't have Hobby Lobby's around here, so I don't get to partake.

I really love the pattern for those squares and they look great in those pretty yarns. That really will make a nice blanket/throw/afghan someday.

Jackie said...

Your squares are cute! As I was reading about your never ending bag of leftover yarn, I thought of Mary Poppins bag.

Margaret said...

Nice squares, first off. Love love love that Cheetos yarn for your socks! Nice finds at Hobby Lobby too! I've never been yet. There's one an hour away from us that I keep meaning to go to. Joann's closed by us, but we do have an AC Moore and a Michael"s.

Julie said...

None of them here in the UK, so my money will stay right where it is!

Lovely little fabric squares. looking forward to seeing your latest sock knit.

Carol said...

Such beautiful colors in those squares, Melanie! I know nothing about knitting, but they look so perfect and square to me :)

Our Hobby Lobby is just far enough from me (about 40 minutes) that I rarely go. I have 3 JoAnn's within 15 minutes so I tend to haunt them the most :) Love the polka-dotty fabrics you picked up!

Beth said...

No Hobby lobbys in my neck of the woods (Oregon). Love the polka dot fabric squares. Darling colors.

Jan said...

Lovely squares and new stash!

Kellie from Indiana said...

I usually find hobby lobby overpriced and the workers not very helpful in my area (I cant speak for em all). I do love Michaels though, and if they dont have what I need Joanns is my backup, but she does have a mark up on her prices that Michaels dont have.