Monday, January 14, 2013

Bead pile!

The first one of 2013. :)

Been busy busy busy making lots of beads so I couldn't resist a quick snap of one of the piles before they got strung up and mailed out. (I don't keep any for myself so it's the only time I get to enjoy them. lol) I *WOULD* say the bright colors are a nice treat from the cold, dreary winter but, in fact, it's been warmish and quite nice here for the last week.

I don't do resolutions but my PLAN is to do more stitching this year. Of course, like all good plans, you need to prep first and, for me, that means clearing the deck of my current knitty WIP's. I am struggling to finish up a pair of mittens (started last fall) but I went like gangbusters on this Wurm hat. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting to grab the hubby to help with the 'modeling' part of things Grr. (As it is impossible to properly photograph YOURSELF from the back.) So I grabbed Frosty McSmiles-A-Lot to do some modeling instead. 

 His head, crazily enough, was pretty perfectly sized for hat modeling. lol

This hat is kinda awesome. It has a knitted in brim so it's crazy thick and warm, and, even better, crazy fast to knit up. (And crazy easy to understand. You can knit this pattern in your sleep. ) Also: it's free. So what's not to love? It's got kind of a 'hipstery' vibe with the whole 'sag and droop' thing in the back. Not sure how hipstery *I* am but I wanted a hat that had ample room for when I have the Pile O' Curls bunched up on top of my head - and this definitely fits the bill. (I'm MUCH less inclined to spend time on blowing the 'do' out in the winter as it's too dry and fly-away sometimes for that. So au natural aka HONKING MESS of curls it is instead. :)) So now I have a hat for every occasion that might pop up - just in time for the snow that is coming our way this week. 

My other plan for the year is keep walking. I got a Fitbit last year for Xmas and, in a stunning turn of events, I not only used it - I USED IT EVERY SINGLE DAY. Every day! (Except for the two days I had food poisoning. But, you know.) 

 My 'natural' schedule would only put me at 3,000 steps per day but I worked up to 10,000 per day afer a while and, lately, my totals have been even higher than that. Who knows, if I keep it up maybe I will walk 2,000 miles this year............or MORE. So if you need a little motivation to be more active, a Fitbit might be for you. I am still endlessly fascinated (and motivated) by the constant digital tick-tick-ticking of my day, even after a whole year of it. I'm sure my heart is very thankful for it too! :)


Margaret said...

Ahh, love to see that pile of beads. So yummy! Love that hat. lol about the snowman being a good size for a model! Fitbit, huh? I should get one myself. Sounds like good motivation for sure.

Robin said...

Your beads are fabulous. Now I must surf the Internet for more info on this Fitbit thing.

Beth said...

Love love love all the beads...and your hat model too!

Jackie said...

You are so productive! That's a HUGE pile o'beads!

I'm planning on doing more stitching this year too. And hopefully have a few finishes! After the year I had in 2012, improvement shouldn't be a big deal!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm doing VirginHealthMiles through DH's company. It is motivating to see the steps add up to money in my health care account.

Siobhán said...

What a fun pile of beads! How often do you just grab a bunch in your hands and marvel at them? ;)

YGG on the walking! I need to do that. I've really slacked off with the exercising.

Love the way the hat turned out! Good for you with the stitching plans, too! I can't wait to see what you work on. :)

Annie said...

The beads look good enough to eat! You have been really busy.

Love that hat. I have to consider making that pattern now. Looks like just the right amount of slouch.

Walking... the easiest form of exercise! Yea!

Vickie said...

Walking is my exercise too. Great job.
You are so very, very talented with the beads.

Julie said...

Beautiful beads, a pile like that makes me want to dibble my hands in them and pick a surprise one! Your hat modeller is so cute, thE hats pretty snazzy too. Well done on the exercise.

Maggie said...

Love the pile of colourful beads and your funky hat :-)

Wow that's a lot of walking! I've never heard of Fitbit, just found it on Amazon and it looks a pretty snazzy gadget! I have a run-of-the-mill pedometer but forget to put it in my pocket, lol.

Veronica said...

Oh my, look at all those beads. They look yummy, like candies ^.^ Lovely hat you've knitted and the snowman model is just too cute :)


Carol said...

Your beads are adorable, Melanie--what an artist you are!! And your hat is so cute on your smiley model--bet it looks great on you, too :)

Wonderful that the Fitbit has led to a healthier and happier lifestyle! If I could only figure out how to walk and stitch at the same time, I'd be in perfect shape!!

Catherine said...

How fun to see all of your beads together! Love that hat too!
The puppy has been my motivation for getting to and walking ~ and I enjoy not having to walk alone.

Faye said...

Hello from North Carolina!! Just found your blog by way of Carol at Stitching Dreams..... Fantastic blog! Loved your birthday gift to her..... Now, I've got to check out all of your posts!..... Faye