Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Giveaway time!

 Little bit of blogging first and then I'll get to the free stuff. :)

I haven't managed a day off from work..............yet. But it's coming!!!
Etsy shop is closed down now and I *was* going to wait until this weekend to shut the web store down but I rethought it and now that will be closed sometime tomorrow too. Three weeks without a day off and an annoying bout of dizziness the last couple days have me waving the white flag. I need time to regroup; physically, mentally and just about any other 'ally you can think of. lol
(Also: need to finish cleaning my house and Xmas decorating. The tree is up - with lights but no ornaments on it. *sad*)

I did manage to put together some stuff for a holiday giveaway though!
A little bit of everything - so something stitchy for stitchy peeps and something beady for beady peeps, etc.

The stitchy stuff is a brand-new Blackbird Designs stocking pattern (I overbought but my whoopsie is your gain!) and I made a handy-dandy fabric thread catcher to match. The fabrics on the thread catcher aren't OVERTLY Christmasy though if you want to use it year-round. (I can't promise a couple beads won't work their way into this offering too though. Heh.)

For the beady stuff I did up four different hatted snowmen and wired them up with Swarovski crystals and put them on coordinating lobster claw lariats. Perfect to put on a pair of scissors, your cell phone, etc. - or take it off the lariat and put it on a chain for a necklace! (I went with snowmen because they can work as a trinket all winter long vs. just a few weeks in December.)

So FIVE separate things to giveaway! :)
Here is how you can get them:

1. To enter all you have to do is email me. ( I will ship it anywhere in the world so everyone is welcome to enter.)
2. If you have no preference on what you'd like to win, no message is needed on your email. If you'd prefer one thing (stitchy) vs the other (beady) then feel free to put that in your message.

  3. If you are a follower of this blog, let me know and I will enter your name in twice. I do so appreciate my followers and the comments I get here so of course you guys get extra special attention. :)
(If you are not a follower but want to be, just click the 'follow' link on the right side bar. Everybody has a Google account at this point................right?)

4. I will draw the winners names next Tuesday, December 18th using the random number generator. and contact the winners by email for their mailing addresses.

And that's it. Easy-peasy, right? :)


DG Jewelry Designs said...

Love your little snowmen.

Vickie said...

ooOoo! I am gonna email you right now! You do such nice work.

Anonymous said...

excellent. love all your stuff

happy happy

Margaret said...

Nice!!! I will email asap. :D Thanks so much for the giveaway! Love everything! Hope that dizziness goes away.....

Roberta said...

You know this time of year is just sometimes too much - glad that you are going to slow it down a bit and do what you need to do!!

Merry Christmas

Beth said...

Fun give-away!

Annie said...
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Annie said...

I'm not an xmas-y person, so I'll leave the xmas giveaways to those who are. You are so sweet to do this after all your hard work. Hope you get all the rest you need so you can enjoy your holiday.

Those snowmen are just too cute!

Julie said...

You are very generous, a super giveaway, good luck to all who enter. I've never seen one of those little ORT holders... I must go around with my eyes shut! Lol.

karin said...

Love your Santas & cute!
Anything stitchy or beady is fine.
Add me to the list please.

Love your blog...lovely beads!!

Karin :)
in NY

Jan said...

Just sent you an email. Take it easy and enjoy your time off.

Pumpkin said...

Well, I couldn't pass this by! LOL! Sent you an email ;o)

Good for you! We all need some down time and I'm sure you deserve it. Enjoy :o)

springair said...

Love your creative works all time! Still adorn your beadies :) Thanks for sharing with us the really cute snowmen. Love to win them :))

Dee said...

Cute snowmen!

Hope you have a good time decorating your tree and then have plenty of time to just enjoy the beauty!

Happy holidays.

Catherine said...

I hope you enjoy your time off ~ it is well deserved! And I do hope that dizziness goes away!
I'd love a chance at your lovely goodies ~ everything except the BBD, as I already have that one.

Patty C. said...

SNOWMAN PLEASE ! Oh - They are so cute - what a fabulous giveaway !!!
I will post on my blog & I am a follower .....

I hope you feel better & catch up on some much needed rest !!!Merry Christmas ;)

Tina E said...

Your "stuff" is beautiful. I've been a fan for years, and I have enjoyed many of your treasures.

Merry Christmas.

~Wenda said...

Everything from you is the best, so anything from is appreciated. I am going to email you.

Thank you Melanie!! :)

papernclay said...

You're the best- Love your work!

kathy b said...

Your creativity astounds me. I LOVE your give away markers.