Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Overdue for an update!

Per usual, time has gotten away from me again. Busy, busy, busy!
As luck would have it though, I have a little extra time on my hands this week* so it's UPDATE TIME. :)

 Firstly - how is it that it is Thanksgiving next week? Already? I'm still trying to process that information. Why does it always feel like it creeps up unawares??? I should probably, like, shop for a turkey this week or something, eh? 0_o

Also, my Tyk & Tynd** scarf is fini. 
I started out pretty iffy on whether or not it would truly be a 'unisex' scarf but, now that it is done, the husband seems as likely as not to fight me to the death to wear it. Heh. He likes it, he really really likes it! It's very.......WOOLY, for lack of a better word, and warm but not thick - you can knot it up very easily. Super wearable and ridiculously easy pattern. I would make a dozen more if it wasn't sooooooooooooooooo much knitting and so much wear-n-tear on the hands.

Sandy blew away any semblance of a 'indian summer' round these parts and it's been cold cold cold so.........time to get the WOOLIES out! I've been going through them and giving them all a good washing in wool wash so they are soft and poufy again. I *should* do that at the END of the season, before I store them, but it always seems like drudgery to do it then. Come fall, I want to start wearing them so badly that it's no longer a chore and something I look forward to doing. So figure THAT one out. lol
(Still have a couple more scarves to sort out.)

I sure need more yarn like I need, well, I just don't need any more yarn. 'Nuff said.But we went to the New England Fiber Festival up in MA a couple weeks ago and I fell 'prey' to this lovely batch of tweedy-ness from a local CT dyer, Tucker Woods Farm. Better that than what I REALLY wanted to buy - which was an Alpaca or two. As in, a REAL LIVE Alpaca***. For as low as $500!  I stuck to just yarn though. Not sure the cats would appreciate me bringing home a herd animal. :)

*My glass torch is broken or clogged or something. The husband did it but, obviously, he didn't mean it and I'm trying not to be bitter. TRYING. *twitch* Am currently unemployed until a new one arrives but, on the upside, I'm free free free this week!

**What does Tyk & Tynd read to you? I couldn't make heads or tails out of the phrase until I heard the seller say THICK & THIN. Thick & Thin = Tyk & Tynd. *blink*

***This particular show has a big barn-like area with a ton of fibery animals to buy. Alpacas, sheep, Angora rabbits, etc. Pretty sure I saw some goats too. It's pretty crazy. Animal store in the front of the expo, fiber sellers in the back half.


Cole said...

Beautiful wooly goodness!

Kenzie said...

That pink and purple swirly thing at the back (a scarf?) is gorgeous!

Annie said...

Such pretty woolens... makes winter easier to bear. Although I must say that hand-washing wool is really not for me. You sure have the knack though!

Anonymous said...

Oooooooooooo...lovely wooly goodness. I love the shading on the scarf. Very manly (or womanly) depending who is doing the wearing.

Julie said...

I have this image in my head of you and hubby rolling around the floor squabbling over your beautiful scarf.... If you do we need pics lol

Margaret said...

Ohhh, love all the knitted yummy stuff! That expo sounds interesting. I'm sure your cats appreciate your not coming home with an Alpaca though. :D Hope you get a new torch soon. Although not doing anything for a while is always nice, right?

Catherine said...

Oohhhh...love all the warm comfies!
Enjoy your time off ~ and hope hubby stays out of trouble!

Beth said...

It's hard to stave off the Farm Girl in you!

Cath said...

Gorgeous scarf and great new yarns. Yeah , go for the alpaca, they are cute.X

Carol said...

That is one GORGEOUS scarf, Melanie!! Glad you had a little extra time to show us what you've been up to!!

Maybe your new torch will be a new and improved model!! Hope it arrives very soon :)

geeky Heather said...

Errr....Tick and Tinned? Yeah I was wondering what that was supposed to be. Perhaps the designer speaks some sort of twin language? In any case, it's awesome. Looks really warm!!

Congrats on being unemployed!!! =D OK, that's weird, but I don't like to work, so...it would be a good thing for me. =)

Siobhán said...

Ooooh, such gorgeous woolyness! Love those scarves. My husband is a weirdo who won't wear scarves--thinks they are too effeminate--but will be seen in public wearing a hat with a big pompom on the top of it. Go figure.

Vickie said...

Oh my goodness Melanie! Everything you knit is GORGEOUS!!
Sounds like a really cool show. Enjoy.

valerie said...

The scarf is gorgeous! It's the epitome of autumn. I love it! Love your winter gear too...mitts and gloves. So snuggly warm looking. :)

Enjoy the time off. I am sure once the torch arrives, you'll be working in overdrive!

Jackie said...

Love your Tyk & Tynd scarf tho I would have never come up with Thick and Thin! I think it's very unisex and beautiful at the same time. I like that the stripes are going along the length. The cast on must have been fun!

Your collection of scarfs and mittens is wonderful! I've heard that swirly scarf in the back made with the Melody (?) yarn is quite challenging.

Enjoy your unexpected week off of work!