Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Another week just zoom, zooming, zooming by! 
 I swear I don't feel like I've had more than a second to just sit and breathe in weeks. And then I realize that a lot of that is self-inflicted and get over it. lol

Case in point: the picture above. We went hiking the day after walking like 5 miles around Hartford. No one forcing me to do THAT. Heh. Can't beat that view in the fall though. There is a state park about a 1/2 mile from my house and, if you've got the legs, you can climb to the top of the cliffs and get treated to some spectacular views of the area. (I live in the green area to the left.) 

 It's quite the hike though because the first mile is straight up up up up, very rocky and very 'rooty'.

A good trekking stick is your friend here if you don't want to feel like you are going to tumble all the way down to the bottom. Thankfully, the last 2.5 miles are a lot easier on the feets. (And the knees.)

The hubby is still sore in the ribs but he powered through it and made it up there too. (He was slated to be on vacation this week even before he got hurt so he decided not to change that so technically he's on vacation this week, not out hurt, so he's trying to do what he can to enjoy it because, you know, vacation time is precioussssss. He's feeling better every day though and is hoping the doctor signs off early for him to go back to work before the 4 weeks is up.)

Stitches East Stash!
Probably disappointing though because I didn't end up buying all that much from the show. (Which is different than saying I didn't spend all that much. *ahem*) It can be so overwhelming, just aisle after aisle after aisle of stuff. It took me 30 minutes to get through the first aisle and my 'eyes' had already purchased hundreds of dollars of stuff, so by the time you get to the end you're exhausted! (And I never buy anything on my first go through - only on the second pass.) I was looking for some more Twinkle Toes sparkly yarn (above) from a local dyer by the name of Tucker Woods and it turned out to be the very last booth I came across. It was like a tall drink of water after being stuck in the desert. (A really wooly, really colorful desert.) OH THERE YOU ARE! I thought she wasn't there this year, which would make me sad, because I always buy something from her. And then I bought a box. 

Not just a box though - a goody box. It has the fixings to make a bunch of knitted pumpkins, including some faux floral leaves and vines. Very cute all done up! Should probably, uhhhh, get on that before fall is over and the pumpkins are gone. 0_o

There was even a super big booth of Scandinavian and Germany, etc. cross stitch items. So you know I had to get something from there. I liked a couple of the models they had from this book. (Which is German, I believe.) Very cute!

And finally, I got the fixings for another scarf. One that is Boy Approved (so far) so it should be a uni-tasker and be worn by the both of us. (Or so he says. We'll see.) That's a truly terrible picture of the Kauni yarn because look at the difference once it is caked up:

The scarf is knit sideways, in long long long rows, just back and forth with the lacier alpaca breaking it up a little bit. It's not so much a 'pattern' really because even someone who learned to knit, like, a day ago could probably manage really well with this project. It's more about maximizing the striping nature of the Kauni yarn. Knitting 350 stitch long rows is not for the short-attention span peeps though. I timed a couple rows yesterday and each one takes about 15 minutes to complete. Hahaha! For ONE row. 15 minutes! This will either be mindless/good or mindless/KILLMERIGHTNOW. Time will tell!! :)


Vickie said...

Well, Melanie, I do not knit myself, but it all looks lovely.
The scenery is fabulous! Unfortunately I cannot hike as I used to be able to. It looks just great though.

geeky Heather said...

ZOMIGOSH, if I could knit 350 stitches in 15 minutes, I would have, like, an entire wardrobe by now!! I think a round of my moebius takes me like half an hour!

Very pretty yarn. And very pretty trees. =)

Annie said...

Looks like a great place for a hike. You must be super-fit!

The needlework show sounds like great fun, but I bet that was a bit tiring too. Love the new yarns, but I think I'd go crazy knitting long rows like that. Do you needles have batteries to make them go faster?

Margaret said...

Wow, 15 minutes per row! Wow! But so pretty! It's going to be a great scarf! Love all the new stash you got. My eye got attracted by that box, of course. Cute pumpkin makings!!! Love it! I hear you on your eyes spending hundreds of dollars. lol! Glad your DH is making the most of his vacation despite the injury. Sure hope he heals more quickly than the doctor calls for and can go back to work early.

Julie said...

Stunning scenery, you live in a very beautiful place.
Super goodies, the pumpkins look really interesting.

valerie said...

Oooo, love the new stash. Can't wait to see you work up that scarf...the color riot is awesome in all it's autumny goodness. 15 minutes a row...and you're fast. I just started a has taken me forever to knit 3 inches. How in the world will I get to 30?! But it's fun to be knitting again. :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Fall sure has been spectacular this year!!!

Carol said...

Those hikes look like some we took in NC earlier this month. Hiking sure is a great way to keep in shape (as long as you don't see scary things like the three foot long black snake that crossed our path!!)...

Love your new yarns!!

Margaret said...

That's funny. I just bought a big skein of Kauni yarn in Canada last week. I had never even heard of it. Now I see some on your blog. I kinda like your colors better than mine...