Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Woodstock Fair 2012 (picture post)

 Best of Show? Oh me, oh my. *fans self*
Well that wasn't on my radar at all. I got worried when I didn't see them in the Handcrafts barn (thought they got lost) - until I figured out they were in the next barn over in the Best of Show booth. Worrying over. Heheh.

Ribbons be damned, I still plan on wearing the heck out of those mittens this winter. :)

Some photos from the Fair:

 There are lots of barns FILLED with all sorts of animals there to be judged (cows, sheep, turkeys, chickens, ducks, baby animals, pigeons, guinea pigs, .......MORE)  but my favs are the bunnies. Foofy, fat-faced, quiet little buns.

 This lil guy was a Grand Champion.

This trio was cute enough to make me want to hug them.

I kinda like the foofy, fancy pants chickens too though.

Naked sheepies playing a three way game of 'Head Butt'. Those two would be head butting while the third was butting the back end, then they would switch places and keep it going.

Look at the crazy horns on this one. I don't know that I've ever seen a sheep (ram?) at the fair with his horns still intact. He was very anti-social though and refused to turn around and say hi.

This might be the biggest sheep I've ever seen. Look how TALL it is. And BIG. I think someone forgot to tell him he's not a cow.

This year's Giant Pumpkin Winner was over 1,450 pounds. 
That's a whole LOTTA PIE! (I always wonder what they *DO* with these afterwards.)
I would love to grow one of these just as a lark. Like, right in the front yard so the neighbors would oogle and stop in their cars. lol

The annual sand sculpture was still in progress Saturday night. 
They start it Wednesday but don't finish it until Sunday. They still had a lot of detailing and other things to do to the dragon/gargoyle in the front. 

 There are a lot more barns filled with produce, baked goods, all manner of art like photographs and paintings, a whole barn of entries from children, handwork, etc., all for judging, plus you have your agricultural barns where you can make butter, play with baby chicks. A field full of tractors from all eras, plus other old machinery. It's what makes this fair my favorite. It's all so organized and there is just SO MUCH to see. (Plus all the rides though I have to admit I don't go down that end. One of us - not me - doesn't 'do' rides.)

I had my one annual corn dog (YUMMY!) and we split a few other fair favorites between us, like 'German' fries and an apple crisp 'sundae' and ended the night, as always, sitting in the grandstand watching go-kart racing under the lights. I never made it down to the other fairgrounds (down the hill) where all the horse jumping and dressage is done but I just watched SO SO SO MUCH of that with the Olympics so I didn't really miss it.

Another Fair done. Whew.


geeky Heather said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Best of show...that is awesome. Also: I can never see too many cute bunny pictures. NEVER.

Cath said...

Yay ! Well done you . Love the pics .XXX

Dee said...

Yeah YOU!!!! That's wonderful!

I wish our fair was like yours. Ours is really just a midway with a few animals and crafts on the side.

:-( I NEED a good 0l' country fair!!!

Vickie said...

Melanie!!!! Did I not tell you those mittens were awesome?! Hooray! Congratulations girl. =)

Kenzie said...

They take them to the Punkin' Chunkin' of course!

Our fair is later this month. I can't wait. I don't enter anything, and it's just the county fair (not the HUGE state one) but I still like to mill around the barn and have a funnel cake.

Margaret said...

Ok, that looks like fun for sure! I think you definitely deserve best of show. I'm still drooling over those mittens and wishing I had the skills to make a pair for myself. So gorgeous! Socks are lovely too! And the fair pics -- fun fun!

Michele said...

FANTASTIC!!! Congratulations on the big win! Your wonderful design deserves best in show. LOL Looks like the fair had a lot of wonderful things going on.

Beth said...

Congrats - a well-deserved ribbon!

Annie said...

Wow! Congratulations. That is quite an honor and I'm glad your fabulous talent was recognized. I'd be reluctant to wear those gloves now that they've been crowned, but you can probably turn our more in a wink if need be!

Veronica said...

Best of Show? Wow, congratulations! I'd wear them too because they're just too gorgeous not to show off :)

The fair sure looks like a fun place to spend time at.


Carol said...

I'm not surprised at all, Melanie--those mittens are just stunning!! Congratulations--I'm so proud of you :)

Sure wish we had fairs around here--what fun to see all the animals and produce. And oh, that fair food--your stomach rebels for days after eating that, doesn't it?!

Ranae said...

The ribbons are well deserved
I can't imagine how fun it was to enter something and win
Beautiful photos

Catherine said...

A big congratulations!!! Beautiful and definitely deserved the ribbons!!!
Loved seeing all the critters ~ especially those sheep!!

Roberta said...

Congratulations!!! love your socks and mittens - good job.

Have been meaning to tell you that I love your little glass bead ghost, it is so cute!!

Amy A said...

NOT surprised your awesome creations took best of show! They are SO gorgeous! Congrats!

Margaret said...

Good job on those ribbons! Looks like your work deserved them. Both projects are great!

Love the sheep pics. Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival always has some crazy horned sheep, too.

Jackie said...

Congratulations! Very well deserved! I'd wear the mittens too...nothing better than wearing a hand knit item!

Leslie said...

What a fun time! Congratulations on the win!!!!!! Wooohooo! The animals are so cute.. I want them all!

Julie said...

Just knew you would win, those mittens are stupendous! huge congratulations. Xxx

valerie said...

Woohoo! Congratulations on winning Best in Show for the mittens. So deserving! Love the bunnies, chickens and pumpkins too. We have a big pumpkin weigh in for the pumpkin festival here. I love it! Glad the fair was such a success for you!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow! Congrats on best of show! I knew those mits were a winner when I saw them on your blog last year!!!!

Melissa said...

I really enjoyed looking all your photo's. That sheep was HUGE!!! Not to mention the pumpkins. Oversized sandcastles, pumpkins and sheep. What more could you ask for haha.