Monday, July 30, 2012

Too soon?

For most of y'all - PROBABLY
But I've been knee deep in the Halloween beads for a couple weeks now. 
(This pile was from a few days ago.)

It's my favorite holiday, because of all the GREAT, bright colors so I'm having fun. Ask me again about it in September though because I might be burnt out then. (Or not. I really DO love working with all the purples, limes, oranges, yellows, purples (I love purple so it gets two mentions), etc.)

Also loving:

Olympics. I'm a junkie. Totally totally junkified. 
(Which is really odd seeing as I don't like watching sports on tv otherwise. I tolerate a *bit* of NASCAR  - but only a bit - and nothing else at all.)

I absolutely ADORE the equestrian events, which you can only get, really, online here because you're lucky if they do a highlight reel on tv, never mind actually show the entire event. (I'm bitter about it.) So I was up and ready for the cross country jumping this morning at 7:30am. 

74 riders.
6 hours.
 Yep. Watched it all. :)

  The live feed had this wonderfully droll British announcer that sounded just like Wallace (from Wallace & Gromit fame). I could listen to that all day, it's just so delightfully...........British.Going on about 'cracking good rides' and 'great knobby horses'. And when you put a horse on to boil or off the boil and all that. Love it!!!

The third phase starts tomorrow at.............5am. 
Hmmmm. Might be a little late for watching that one! I don't get to bed usually before 1am-2am so I don't see 5am happening. I'll probably check in again around 7:30am and hope there is some good jumping left to see. I don't have much patience for the chopped up, time delayed stuff at night so I'm finding the main NBC site is quite good for viewing stuff live. (It works quite well on your iPhone as well for watching on the go.) In case there are any other junkies out there. :)


Margaret said...

Love all the Halloween beads! Nice colors! I don't know why it took me so long to discover the NBC live feed. I love watching the equestrian stuff too. Will have to tune in tomorrow and hope it's still on. :D

geeky Heather said...

Oh, the equestrian coverage sounds glorious with the accent and all! We're total Olympic nuts, too, although we usually stick to broadcast (no cable, so I don't think we can access the live feeds). Saturday there were 17 hours of broadcast just on NBC, though, and yesterday there were 18...I think?...*zombie eyes*....

Annie said...

I want to play in that pile of beads!

As I said in a comment on another blog, the Olympics makes a great backdrop for me while I stitch. It's very ho-hum to me, but not much else on TV during summer re-run time anywy.

Jan said...

It's never too early for Halloween! It's my favorite holiday too. There are some cute beads in that pile.

Karen said...

Those are just so darn cute!!!

happy stitching...

Margaret said...

I've been watching the Olympics off and on. I've been waiting for Michael Phelps to step up and win a medal. Being from Baltimore, he is a hometown hero.
BTW, I love that cute little ghost with the rosy cheeks!

Beth said...

Ohh and I love purple too! British announcers do sound so knowledgable don't they? Something about that BBC accent.

Kenzie said...

Oh, I wish now I had watched it online. I watched it on TV and although it was live, the commentators were horrible. The guy especially. The girl was tolerable, but the guy kept calling jump 1 the "silver" jubilee. The girl corrected him once and then gave up.

I can't figure out why everyone crashed at jump 3. Maybe the instruments in chairs had the horses lookie?

And I love your Halloween beads.

Roberta said...

Hey Melanie, I also watched the Equestrian event yesterday - Loved IT!!! It was on one of my cable channels NBC Sports - so nice to watch on the big screen. Check your local cable company to see if you get that station.

Of course, I love your beads - the little ghost looks way too cute!!

Chris said...

Amazing beads... I love the Olympics too and yesterday watched the Ecquestrian and womens hockey It was nail biting! Well done GB.. We couldn't get tickets for the main Olympics but got some for the Para Olympics so can't wait.
Thank you for your anniversary good wishes, we are very blessed.
Chris xx

Mindi said...

Lovely beads, and I'm a huge fan of the equestrian events. I totally missed out on the dressage and was so disappointed.

Julie said...

Well done to the UK team, they did good.

oooo those beads are wonderful, so vibrat, makes me want to dabble my hand in there, close my eyes and see what i picked up, how could you possibly choose a favourite from those beauties.

Ranae said...

Love your spooktacular beads, Melanie

Carol said...

Never too early for Halloween, Melanie--your beads are so adorable. Love the rosy cheeked ghosts :)

valerie said...

Love the halloween beads and all the fun colors! Really...can you ever be too early for 10/;s so much fun to prepare and decorate. Glad to hear you're enjoying the olympics. I have been too busy to watch!

Veronica said...

Gorgeous Halloween beads! Love the combination of colours.