Thursday, June 14, 2012

Peeking in..............

 To my poor neglected blog. It's crazy how time just gets away from you and POOF, before you know it, it has been two weeks since you last posted. 

 Sterling, CT trail.

I blame it on the bike riding. It's going to be the death of me. Doing that 3 times a week and still trying to walk 2-3 miles 5-6 days a week? IS TIRED. VERY tired some days. And with not much extra time for projecty, crafty, yarny type of things. *sniff*

South County trail, RI.

Oh well. I'm sure the hot and muggies will hit us soon and that will be the end of me wanting to do anything that doesn't involve me getting major time in air-conditioned rooms. I am UTTERLY miserable and diva-cranky when it's super humid out so the hubby will have to go plunder those forest trails without me once it hits. (Which it will............soon. I'm actually surprised at how mild it's been so far this summer because it's usually yucky yucky yucky here from Memorial day to mid-September.)

The only thing I've managed to put any real amount of effort into lately (aside from WORK, of course, which can not be avoided, yes?) is my pair of 'travel' socks that I keep in my purse for car trips or quick crafty goodness on the deck. This is a Patons cotton blend sock yarn and is very sproingy yet comfy. (Not all cotton blends are.) The striping is super cute to boot. I never say no to stripey socks. :)

Needless to say, my blog reader is STUFFED full of unread posts as well but I'm so far behind at this point I might have to start over from scratch. Bleh. I hate that because I hate the feeling that I'm missing something really really important but when it gets THAT bad there isn't much choice. I promise to be a better blog-friend going forward, at least in the near future, because I miss that daily dose of blogginess, I really do. :)


Annie said...

Peekin' back atcha.

You're allowed to put fitness first. I bet you feel great doing all that outdoor activity.

Love the socks...glad you get a little bit of crafty time in anyway.

Cole said...

I miss bloggy time when I don't get it too... I hate it when life interferes!

BTW, I may have mentioned this before, but there's a little knit sock envy happening in my world ;o) Keep those needles clacking, I love it!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Good for you for getting out and being active I deserve an F in that subject right now!

I love the soft and strong alternating stripes of your socks great job!

Kenzie said...

I love those socks! I'm a sucker for stripes myself.

Enjoy the outdoors while you can! It's already like walking into a hot shower outside here. Not to mention the mosquitos the size of wharf rats.

Margaret said...

Well you're going to be in great shape at least! I'm impressed! Love the socks too. Let's hope it's a nice, mild, non-humid summer. :D

Anonymous said...

Cute socks!

We're already in the muggy-season. I hate it!

I'm ready to move north and get out of this swamp! LOL

Catherine said...

Good for you on the exercise, but I am so with you when it comes to hot and muggy!!!

Vickie said...

Good for you!! That is why I use the treadmill. ;) Love those socks!

Margaret said...

I was just thinking about how the nasty hot weather really hasn't set in here in MD, either. But you're right- I know it's coming..
Love the socks! Great colorway.

Julie said...

You are seeing some beautiful places on your bike rides.
Loving the socks, I do like stripes.
Here in the UK we are all fed up with wall to wall rain, rain, rain!

Roberta said...

Your sock are great and good for you for getting back onto a bike adn also for walking - but I agree once the muggies start - it is air conditioning for me!!

Siobhán said...

Love the socks!

Good for you for getting out there and enjoying bike riding and nature trails and time with your husband. That's the way it should be. Soon enough it'll be winter and you'll be stuck inside, so enjoy it while you can!

valerie said...

Ugh...I am still trying to catch up on posts after being on vacation. I am forever behind but keep thinking "what if I miss something good?!". Love the new socks! And good for you for sticking with the biking.