Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Playing catch up this week.

Lost a few days there at the end of last week due to stupid frakkin hay fever. Grrrrr!

There was no way I was going to avoid it though as it hit him hard the week before and then Maggie (the cat) started scratching every second she was awake a few days after that. (She has bad allergies as well.) While I was at the vet getting her a steroid shot to stop her scratching and make her feel better, I started getting sniffly..........and leaky...........and by the end of the night my left eye was swollen, my brains were melted and leaking out everywhere, and I wanted to kill someone............and that was that for the next four days. It's just drop dead sexy when you have to walk around with a tissue jammed up your nose to stop it from running like a faucet, yes? lol

So Sunday was about working working working to catch up on orders and make lots of little beadies.

Yesterday was for doing packages and paperwork and today is for catching up on house cleaning things and...

...deciding which of these new polishes I want to use tonight. Hmm, decisions, decisions! These came in the mail while I was sick, courtesy of a UK company (free shipping to the US!) and look much much MUCH better once on. (They have a holo effect that I'm not going to bother wasting time trying to capture.) The temps have skyrocketed like WOAH (!!!) this week so it won't do to be out and about in the nice sunny weather with less-than-awesome polish! It's kind of crazy to think that I usually have to keep the heat on until May, at least at night.............and here it in the SEVENTIES in *MARCH*. MARCH.

My current cross stitch project is deeply deeply unsatisfying and I think I may to scrap the whole thing, even though I'm more than halfway done with it. :( I just hate the way the colors are playing together and the design wasn't 100% me anyway (it was going to be a gift for someone who WOULD love it) and............it's got to go because it's causing me stress every time I think about finishing. I had to waste a good piece of linen though.........................*sigh*

So pretty..........and so so so evil.

Hope your spring is less sniffly!! :)


Carol said...

Sorry to hear your hay fever is getting the best of you, Melanie. I heard it is going to be a very tough year for sufferers due to the mild winter... That and a lot of huge bugs--yuk!!

Your little beads are so cute and if that cross stitching just isn't working for you, I'd scrap it, too. Life is too short to force ourselves to muddle through to the very end :)

Hope you get some relief from your sneezing and itching very soon!

Maggie said...

Oh poor you! I used to suffer really bad with hay fever, i can totally relate to the tissue up the nose, lol
Luckily as the years have gone on it has got better, most time i can do without meds now - good luck with keeping it at bay.

Sorry your not getting on with your latest stitchy project, i hate it when that happens! I'm just not in the stitching mood at all right now, so many other things are occupying my time.

Take care x

Annie said...

This is definitely going to be a tough allergy spring here on the east coast. My headaches are already starting to act up. Sounds like you really get it bad. Hope you can take some meds to ease up the problem.

Love that pile of beads! At least you managed to get those done.

Maybe you can just take a break from the x-stitch project and you'll like it better later. Happens to me sometimes. But if not, I say 'clean cups, move down', to quote the Mad Hatter!

valerie said...

Oh no! I hope your allergies get better! Love, love, love the new beads! Sorry to hear your frustrations on your project. Maybe some of it can be salvaged?

Margaret said...

What a bummer about the allergies! I heard they're worse this year because of the mild weather? Love all those beads. I need to go check out your store again to refresh myself. As for the xs project -- I do think it's not worth it to torture yourself if you're not enjoying what you're stitching. It's supposed to be fun and relaxing, right?

Jackie said...

I live on Claritin this time of year and that generally only helps a little bit. I hope you're feeling better soon and don't have to walk around with a tissue stuffed up your nose! :)

Anonymous said...

My nose doesn't get it .. my EYES do. Been on the allergy eye drops for about a week. :-(

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

My hay fever hasn't kicked in yet...mine hits later in the season with the hay is actually being plowed and the dandelions are being cut up...then I will be miserable. Your working has proved productive in my opinion...very pretty pretties! I need to stop in and add an order or 2 myself. Feel better soon Melanie.

Beth said...

Wow - Hay Fever already - in the Pac NW it usually begins in May. Hope you feel better soon (and kitty cat too).

Veronica said...

Sorry to hear about the problems you've been having with your hay fever. Hope it goes away soon.

Your beads are so lovely. The nail polish colours looks yummy :)


Cath said...

Love the new beadies ,especially the little carrot ,lol .
I've done the tissue up the nose thing when having a nose bleed before. Almost made hubby crash the car once when he caught sight of me out the corner of his eye, lol.
what stitchy project is giving you grief ? Maybe someone could finish it for you ???

Vickie said...

Well Melanie maybe you should get yourself some allergy meds like you got Maggie?? Maybe drug up and dry up?! :)

Pumpkin said...

Yes, allergies suck don't they? Ruins a perfectly nice time of year. Hopefully you feel better soon.

Love the beads! At least you have something to take your mind off of things.

That's too bad about the piece you're working on. Could it just be the way you're feeling that's affecting how you feel about it?

Catherine said...

Ah yes, many of us are feeling the same hay fever yuckies! I do hope you are feeling better.
Your beads always look so cute. As for the stitching, if it's not fun, scrap it!

Julie said...

Bin the stash project, life's too short to sitch and not enjoy.
Loving the little beads.
Turned hot here this week, and people are wandering around snuffling and sneezing.

geeky Heather said...

I really really REALLY feel your pain...although I don't get sniffly, it just stays up in my head and gives me a headache.

But remember, the pretty trees don't make you sneeze...it's those terrible cheeky ones who sneakily hang out their ugly yellow-green pollen sacks and don't even have the decency to cover them with flowers! I'M LOOKING AT YOU, PINE TREES. OAK TREES. *shifty eyes*

Lori Anderson said...

I seriously want to roll around in those beads. seriously.

I feel you for hay fever -- we live near farms and the pollen is AWFUL!

Jan said...

Hope you're doing better. I love your beads. I am also passing on to you the Liebster Award. Visit my new post to learn all about it.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I hope allergies don't get the best of you this spring! Lots of lovely beadies and what neat nailpolish!

On these poor hands, nailpolish lasts about 12 hours then it chips!

geeky Heather said...

Yeah, I'm commenting again. So sue me. I have given you the Liebster award...not sure if you have it already or don't "do" awards...if so no worries...find out about it here. =)