Sunday, February 26, 2012

Glad to see...

I'm not the only one hating on Blogger this week and the new word verification craptcha thingy-majiggy. Bleh. :(

Sore subject..................moving on...............

Well, it was a busy week trying to catch up on things and get back to normal after being so hurl-a-licious last weekend but I managed to finish up two more WIP's while catching up on TiVo stuff at night.

 Death by Candy Corn by Scarlett House.

I had started this one last fall when the pattern was released but those 'over one' candy corns threw me off and I put it aside after doing just one. Bad me. (I didn't like the 'half' stitch the pattern had for them, at least not on this linen, so I changed it to a full stitch, thereby increasing the work for them.) I can never, ever decide what color order I like the candy stripes to be so I switched them back and forth here to keep me happy. The glass candy corns I do are the same. Sometimes I like orange in the middle better, sometimes the yellow...........I've been making them for 10 years now and I *STILL* can't decide on the color order! lol

 This one is by The Trilogy, yes?

I did this pattern a couple years ago as part of an exchange, let me see I'm sure I have a picture here on Blogger for it deeeeeeeeeep in the blog innards........
Oh yes, here it is. But I always wanted to do it again for myself so now I have. Just took me a loooooooooooooooong time to get to it. :)

So yayyyyy for working through the WIP-bag! Very happy about this. All I have left now, WIP-wise, are three pieces................but they are all really big and involved so I don't expect I will finish them whiz-bang-like. I might need to..........mmm...........start a little something to keep me interested in the meantime. Just something small. Teeny tiny. Just one. (I can feel the WIP bag growing again as we speak! *sigh*) And I obviously have a lot of 'finishing' to do with all these new pieces but that will have to wait for the moment. My sewing table (if it's big enough to call it that) is a shambles at the moment and I don't have the heart to tackle it just yet. *ahem*

You know what February is?
It's the start of the Cookie A Sock Club!

Yes I joined again. I am weak and I REALLY liked the club last year. All of the yarns (6) and patterns (12) were pretty fabulous so I figured just one more year with it wouldn't hurt. 
 The first shipment is this luscious CASHMERE yarn. OMG SOFT! The only bad thing about it is that my camera is REFUSING to photo it properly. (And you can forget about *me* having the skills to do it on my own. Oh no, not happening! Point and click is my nickname. lol) It's a medium cranberry/magenta tone - none of this tomato red business showing up on my computer. Grrr! But I can forgive it, of course, because it's CASHMERE. :)

Okay, I'm tired of waiting around this afternoon for it to stop raining in Florida so I can watch the Daytona 500 so I'm outta here. (I was only half interested in it to begin with and the window has now closed and I'm over it. Going for a walk instead!)


Beth said...

You go Girl - Go Stitch - Go Knit - Go Walk!

Jackie said...

i always find it difficult to get accurate photos of red yarn. Your photos are beautiful and I do see bits of the magenta tones.

Natasha said...

way to go girl!! The candy corn pattern is cute, though I am not a fan of the actual candy itself. That is one sweet I just don't care for.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Ranae said...

Two fabulous finishes, love the candy corn change.
Are you making another pillow again out of the Tirlogy design?
I would it looks awesome.
pretty yarn!

Catherine said...

Great stitches and that yarn looks yummy!

Margaret said...

Love how you tackled those WIPs! Nice! Love that yarn too. Soooo pretty! Wish I could reach through the screen and feel it up. lol!

Carol said...

Oh, what an adorable candy corn finish, Melanie! And your Trilogy finish is darling, too. Great job at working through your WIPs :)

Anonymous said...

Your new yarn looks WONDERFUL. Have fun knitting with it.

I was hoping to knit during the race too. Instead we went out shopping for a bike rack.

I then thought I would knit tomorrow during the race, but then THAT day got busy.

Maybe I'll TAPE the race so I can watch it at MY convenience (i.e. when I have my knitting with me.)

Veronica said...

Pretty finishes. I especially like the Trilogy design.

Mmm... your yarn looks good enough to eat... and I'm not a knitter too. LOL!


Annie said...

Lots of fun projects going on there.

My camera has a complete mind of its own when it comes to colors. I roam through every room and every place outside and get different colors at each spot!

valerie said...

Cute finishes! Love the candy corn and the sweet Trilogy heart finish! What pretty red yarn...that will make the toastiest socks ever!

Pumpkin said...

Good for you!!!! I love how you changed up the order of the colors. If you hadn't of said anything, I probably wouldn't have noticed. D'uh!

Ouuuuu....nice! I bet that yarn will feel heavenly on the feet :o) I know I'm still enjoying my socks!

Julie said...

I have been very unladylike and said a few naughty words to the computer this morning whilst trying hard to have a blog reading catch up....

Gorgeous yarn, i love it!
Super trilogy pattern too, i like the pillow you made before.

Happy crafting!!

Siobhán said...

Oh my gosh, 3 WIPs?! You go girl!! Love the finishes! The yarn is pretty--it looks magenta/fuschia on my screen.

Have a great weekend!

Daffycat said...

Wonderful finishes, Melanie! I really like your Trilogy heart (it has an alphabet and I'm a sucker) sampler.

Many thanks for the happy birthday wishes!