Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year everyone!!!

 Hope everyone had a great one. :)

It's been fab having the last week or so off but now it's back to the grind, eh? Booo!
It was a fun week of making things, listening to 923413123421 Xmas songs on the Sirius Holly channel and enjoying lots of cookies OMG I'M FAT FAT FAT enjoying Santa's presents. He was much too good to me this year. Literally. I suspect *he* was the bad one this year and I'm giving him the side eye just in case because why so good? WHY? lol

This sleek little thing is quite fun. QUITE fun. I do really  need to find someone who could use my first generation Kindle now though because I have THREE Kindles now, which is a bit ridiculous, yes? I swear I don't know ANYONE in my 'real' life who really reads anymore and is interested in it. :(

Oh ho ho ho, and what is this?
Only the thing I've been lusting, drooling and price checking daily for the longest time. What is it?

A Breville Tea Maker. 
It's ridiculously expensive (for real - I'm not EVEN going to link it so if you're curious you'll have to do your own Googles on it), hence my hesitation to buy it for myself. But OH BOY HOWDY is this thing a whiz-bang-dangity-dang heart stealing winner. I *heart* it just so much. I love love loves my loose tea and this makes it as easy to make as a regular coffee maker. Fill the hopper, pick your tea type (or go custom), pick your brew strength and BAM! It perfectly heats the water, the filter comes down and steeps it for the perfect amount of time, going up again when it's done, making the most perfect pot of tea. You don't EVEN want to know how much tea I've had in the last week because of this jobber. It's so bloody perfect I would marry it if it were allowable by law. lol

I failed miserably at any stitchy goals I had for 2011 but I managed to slip under the new year wire and..........drum roll please............finish off the last 2 pairs of knitted socks for the year - making an EVEN DOZEN for 2011. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!

I suspect though I won't be as diligent with this for 2012. It was a bit of a chore some months to try and 'race' to finish that month's pair, etc. I gave over half of them away as gifts and the other few have been put away for future gifts and/or to replace any of mine that 'die'. (I couldn't fit another pair in my sock drawer if I wanted to it's so stuffed full of knitted socks. lol)

Although, having said that...................I'm elbow deep in another sort of sock obsession at the moment.......
More on that later if/when the obsession passes. :)


Pumpkin said...

Ohhhhh, Santa WAS good to you! That tea maker is the BOMB! WOW! Never saw or heard of it before.

Congrats on your sock count :o) Looks like you might be into little stockings? Mmmmmmm?

Happy New Year!

Lei said...

Wow. You are one lucky girl. I love your tea maker. It looks awful spiffy.

What pretty socks. I picked up my knitting needles again and started back a week or so ago after seeing all your wonderful posts. I can't do much, but I have been having fun trying to figure it all out. Happy New Year!

Margaret said...

Wow! Nice presents!!!!!!! Wow! And the socks -- nice! I'm curious about the tea maker now. I'm going to have to google it to satisfy my curiosity. lol! Happy 2012!

Annie said...

I didn't know anybody had 3 kindles! I'm kind of drooling over the Fire. Might have to treat myself.

Cool tea maker too.

You are really the sock queen. They are always so pretty.

Have a great 2012!

Jackie said...

Happy New Year!

Are those the mini sock ornaments? I've been thinking of trying them myself! Your pile looks adorable. I can't believe you've knit 12 full size pair in a year. WOW!

geeky Heather said...

Omigosh I want one of those tea makers!!! I have a Zarafina that we got on sale, but it only makes a scant two cups at once and doesn't have a TIMER!! Oh, to set the thing to make tea when we wake up!!

I LOVE my Fire as well.

Wow wow wow...that's a lot of socks. That may be more than I've made EVER. =)

Happy New Year!

Margaret said...

I got a Kindle Fire too, and am loving it!! I love your socks, and the little Christmas ones are cute, too. Can't wait to see other pictures of them. You make me want to have a proper cup of tea. That thing looks amazing.

Catherine said...

Great gifties! Love the tea maker!!!!

Dee said...

Those last two pair of socks are adorable. I love me some purple!!!!

The teaser shot ---- soooo CUTE!

Sylvia said...

Ohh, great presents...lucky, lucky girl! I am a loose leaf tea fan myself. But I tend to switch between coffee and tea ( its tea at the moment) and to my everlasting sadness, its all gotta be decaf. That means I am pretty limited if I want to drink some really good stuff. :(

Congrats on 12 socks - that is fantastic. I got 4 scarves knit ( 2 of them presents) and one vest and 1/3 of a sweater. Not too shabby. Stitching.. don't even get me started.

Your small socks look really sweet!

Happy New Year to you, Melanie.

Julie said...

Congrats on the socks.
Ooooo tea maker looks amazing.

Siobhan said...

Wow, and here I was thinking my electric kettle was fancy! LOL I have never seen a tea thingamajigger--that is so cool! My daughter LOVES tea--I'll have to show her that (as something she can buy for herself when she finishes college! ROFLOL). Your socks and knitting are fantastic! Congrats on the new Kindle!

Happy new year to you and yours!

valerie said...

Wow, that tea maker is awesome! What a great present!

Love your socks! Congrats on hitting an even dozen.

Happy New Year!

Carol said...

You were obviously a very, very good girl this year, Melanie to receive all those goodies!! My son got the Kindle Fire as well and just loves it...

A dozen pairs of socks--and each so pretty!! Love your latest purple beauties :)

Happy New Year, Melanie--hope it's a grand one for you and your family!

RockerJewlz said...

Happy New Year! If you need someone to pass a Kindle on to, please put me on your list. I don't have one yet and would love it. I AM a reader.