Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Did we all survive the holiday??? :)

I'll let you know if I did - as soon as/if I make it through the heaps of turkey soup in my fridge without bursting. Ooof. *pats stomach*

I filled a big stockpot right up to the tippy-top when making it (literally - I had to watch it like a hawk so it wouldn't go over the edge) as I kept throwing leftover stuff that didn't get cooked (a bit of string beans, a slice of prosciutto) and stuff that was cooked but leftover after a couple days...........WOW. Truly EPIC amount of soup going on in this house this week. It's a good thing I like soup. lol

It was back to work on Saturday so I only got three days off - more than some people, less than others, I'm sure. I'm just smack-dab-in-the-middle-bear, I guess. I did a little shopping online but not too much. A few presents down, a couple things for myself. One small (silicon tea strainer set), one really big (more on this one later maybe *grin*). No 'real' Black Friday shopping offline (unless a trip to the supermarket for salad stuff counts) but we did go to the Country Folk Art show out in Sturbridge, MA just to get out and enjoy the nice weather. (It can be a quiet ride getting out to that area.)

I did pick up a couple presents but mostly I admit to indulging in my weakness for Blossom Bucket figurines and a couple fabric ornaments. God I love these little guys. They are just SOOOOOO hard to resist.

Oh, and glittery Charlie Brown type trees. Totally weak in the face of those too. :)
(I had to get some glittery cinnamon scented teeny pine cone potpourri too because if it sparkles, it's guaranteed to be coming home with me.)

The husband found this beehive for just $3 so we had to have that too. I'm just not sure what to do with it......yet.

If you pull back you can see it's a beehive..............tree. A two foot high tree. Hmmmm. Hang teeny tiny cross stitch finishes off of it? Do up some bees/birds beads and hang them from invisible thread? I'll figure it out eventually or just lop off the tree part and call it a day. (It was only $3.)

I didn't finish the mittens but I'm close (REALLY close!) and I did manage to finish up a pair of Boy Socks. Super long, super big boy socks. It felt like I would never finish them but, in actuality, I finished these up in 3 weeks.

Regia Striping Yarn, pulled from deep in the stash. 

He has a pair of these, only with blue stripes and they are holding up well. I wish I more of it actually. I really miss when elann.com had great deals on Regia and other 'boy sock' (read: has nylon/holds up well) yarns.You could get enough yarn for a pair of socks for like $7-8, which was awesome. I think I only have *one* skein left now though from that particular stash. *sniff*

So all in all it was a pretty quiet weekend, with the minimum of family dramaz. (There is one person who likes to ramp it up, so to speak, at this time of year and she's nothing if consistent but we're ignoring it for the moment. lol) 

Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend too! (Or a nice weekend in general if you don't celebrate.)


Beth said...

Okay I'm all about your Bee Tree - I'm thinking a very cool Spring / Summer display of themed Cross Stitch ornaments...

Margaret said...

Very nice socks! Love that bee tree -- so cute! Perfect use for the bee hive. Sounds like a good Thanksgiving overall. (I can ask my DH to tell you how he cooks his turkeys. His always come out beautifully, nice and juicy too. Although I still remember his first try before we were married. Total failure. lol!)

Michele said...

Your soup sounds yummy! Love the beehive ... can't wait to see it all decorated :)

Nice warm looking socks!

Julie said...

Gorgeous socks, very nice striping colours.
Love the beehive tree, perfect for hanging stitched ornaments from.
Enjoy your soup marathon eating sessions x

valerie said...

Love the stuff you picked up at the Folk Art show! And did you say soup?! Sounds delicious! Soup is the 2nd best four-letter word. Cake is #1.

Catherine said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Love the beehive tree!

Anonymous said...

Ooooooooooooo...I went all squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee over the Santa. So cute.

Great looking boy socks. I love those colors.

Carol said...

Oh, yum--soup. I love soup--I'll be up :) We didn't have Thanksgiving at our house this year so had no leftovers at all...

How cute is that little beehive tree--I'm sure you'll find some very creative way to decorate it!

Siobhan said...

Nice job on the socks!

I love those little figures--especially the cardinal. I think I'm fortunate--at least for the purse strings--that most of the things I like for decorating wouldn't be sold here, so there wasn't any shopping to try to resist. ;)

Pumpkin said...

I know this is late but I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving :o)

Love the ornaments that you bought. Just too cute! I think your beehive tree should hold some cross stitch ornaments ;o)

OMG! LOVE the colors in those socks.