Thursday, October 27, 2011


That post got a little long yesterday. So I ran out of time to do a full stashing report. No fear though, stash report coming up, because everybody likes looking at the stash porn, right? :)

I went into the show not wanting to go TOO nuts because, upon looking back at last years show, I realized I used very little of what I bought last year THIS year.  

Thanks to my exhaustive and detailed stash blogging (handy, in turns out) I know last year I purchased: 2 hat patterns, 2 bunches of yarn to make scarves (free pattern for one, undetermined for the other) and a Big Giant Skein to make a blanket. The blanket got made right away....

The rest? Still buried deep in the stash. Poor neglected yarn. *sniff* 
At least they have a lot of friends to hang with in Stashland. :)

So this year I walked out with....

 New Della Q bag, Because it's iridescent and I'm a sucker for TEH SHINY. (And it matches my smaller Della Q bag.)
Bailey's Twinkle Toes yarn - which has strands of Gold Stellina in it. Gold glitter. In the yarn. *happy sigh* Doesn't get more 'me' than that.

 A purple mitten kit. 
I've been staring at these Fair Isle mitten kits from the same seller for the past three years now. Literally. I finally broke down and bought one this year.The first year I didn't get one because I'd never done Fair Isle before and wasn't sure I would be able to do it but I stared that Fair Isle monster in the face this past year and slapped her into submission so it's totally doable now. :)

 A sweater pattern book with a sweater inside he liked (and was only $1) and a sweater pattern that I liked (that was not even close to costing $1). 

It's called Olive:
Lovely. Slouchy and shapeless? SIGN ME UP. That's the kind of sweater I can get behind.........and FILL with my behind! But seriously, the sample was done up in beautiful colors and felt AMAZING. Once you touch it, you are a goner. 
(Bonus points for any Fringe fan who can double-dig the name Olive. :))

This was a compromise, of sorts, from a crazy sample scarf that had entranced hordes of people that was done up with this wool....and extra panels of knitted stainless steel. So odd, that stuff. And strangely appealing

It make a scarf that you can mold into shape and it just..........stays there. Because it's a super fine steel thread. I wasn't so sure I would want to WEAR that sort of thing though so I got the pattern and stuck with just wool yarn. I had the thread cone in my hand and..........put it down and walk away. I figured if I'm still entranced with it next year and it wasn't just 'show fumes' clouding my mind, I'll go for it. :)

Okay. So my verdict for THIS year? Wellllll, I didn't buy too much yarn, so that's good. Project wise crappers. I predict the mitten kit will go first, and soon, possibly the scarf too. 
TWO sweater projects though? Could be a long, long wait. Welcome to Stashville sweater patterns!! :)


Annie said...

Looks like you were reasonably well-behaved at the show. That fair-isle knitting looks complicated!

Guess what showed up in my mailbox today! I'm still drooling.

Margaret said...

I still remember that blanket. Gorgeous! And hey, what's wrong with stashing and still having the stash a year later? lol! Love the new stash! I can't wait to see those mittens. And hey, the steel stuff seems pretty intriguing to me! :D Maybe next year, huh?

valerie said...

Uhhh, if you ever gt tired of that blanket, you know where to send it, ok?! =D Love the stash and can't wait to see some of it knitted up!

geeky Heather said...


Very restrained of you...I salute you!


Catherine said...

Yummy!! I love that sweater!! Can I place my order please???? ;)

Julie said...

Ooo that blanket is so lovely, didn't think I would see that on here again. I think you were very reserved in your stash purchasing.

Kajsa said...

Looks like you were good. Nice stuff!

Dani - tkdchick said...

All I can think is all the wonderful colours!!!!

Pumpkin said...

I'd say that despite being restrained, you did rather well ;o)